Approved Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Course List

Below you will find a list of approved Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) courses. Click on the category to find a list in your area of study.

Communications  |  Health Sciences   |  Management  |   Sport Management


COM 705 Media Relations
COM 709 Negotiations & Conflict Resolution
COM 713 Writing for PR
COM 721 Principles of PR
COM 725 Advertising
COM 726 Public Speaking
COM 733 Social Media
COM 742 Integrated Marketing Communications
COM 756 Health Promotions and Campaigns

Health Sciences

RSCI 703 Musculoskeletal Functional Assessment
RSCI 706 Rehabilitation Program Design for Human Performance 

Sport Management

SMGT 703 Sport Sponsorship & Marketing
SMGT 705 Financial Management in the Sport Industry 
SMGT 706 Introduction to Sport Management  
SMGT 709 Managing Diversity in Sport Organization 
SMGT 712 Intercollegiate Rules & Procedures 
SMGT 721 Intro to Sport Tourism and Hospitality 
SMGT 722 Managing Sport Facilities and Special Events 
SMGT 723 Sport Sales Strategies 
SMGT 725 Nature-Based and Sustainable Tourism 
SMGT 726 Trends and Issues in Recreation Management 
SMGT 731 Ethical Non-Profit Sport Management 


MGMT 700 Global Leadership
MGMT 702 Research Methods
MGMT 703 Strategic Information Management 
MGMT 704 Financial Management
MGMT 707 Operations Strategy
MGMT 714 Principles of Project Management
MGMT 728 Human Resources Management
MGMT 731 Human Resources Law and Compliance 
MGMT 740 Consumer Behavior
MGMT 741 Marketing Research and Data Analytics
MGMT 744 Global Marketing
MGMT 745 Strategic Marketing
MGMT 746 Digital Marketing
MGMT 751 Business Strategy
MGMT 752 Change Management
MGMT 760 New Product Development 
MGMT 761 Performance Management and Employee Development
MGMT 762 Employee Relations, Engagement and Retention
MGMT 763 Employee Learning & Development 
MGMT 765 Project, Program & Portfolio Management
MGMT 766 PM Tools & Technology
MGMT 767 Risk Management