The cost is determined by which courses you enroll in and how many courses you take in one session.  Below is the pricing if you take 1 to 2 courses. 

COURSE (online or on-campus)        COST
Moolah Maker - Financial Literacy $125
Social Justice Writing  $125
Sneaker Stuff - How Shoes Go From Brief to Box $175
Overnight Option (includes 3 courses, 2-night 
overnight stay, 3 days on campus, 3 meals per day)
(Linens are not included)
Family Stay Option  (4 nights, 5 days)
Check-in on Monday early morning
(doesn't include courses or Linens)
  • 1-2 Kids includes 3 meals per person
  • 3 kids or more includes 3 meals per person

Promotional Discount - Enroll in 3 courses for 

If you take 3 courses during one session, you will get a $50 discount. The 3 courses will cost a total of $225.  Students must take 3 courses during the same session. 

Note: The Sneaker Stuff course isn't included in the promotional offer. 

Employee Discount 

Employees get a 10% discount on all Youth Innovation course offerings. Use employee discount code: employeediscount10


Ask about our scholarship opportunities. Email and let us know you are interested in applying for the YIP Summer 2022 scholarship and the courses you would like to take. You will receive information to apply and deadlines to submit the materials

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