Keep moving forward, whether it's to better your career, indulge in your passions or shift directions.  Learn more about the certificate programs that Lasell has to offer that can help you reach the goals you set. The courses are 100% allowing you to study on your schedule. 

Graduate Certificates

These certificates allow those students with bachelor's degrees to continue to advance their studies, focusing on a specific skill. These credits can be applied towards a master's degree if, at a later time, you decide to pursue one.

Professional Certificates

These certificates are for students who have graduated from high school but have not earned their Bachelor's degree yet.  These certificates also focus on specific skills to help you advance or switch your career. 

Student Testimonial

Monica Barudin Student Testimonial

Chris Noyes '20, 
Management Certificate
Sport Leadership Certificate 

 “I genuinely enjoyed taking these courses. I saw the value in everything that I was learning as it was all relevant to my career goals. Every course and every assignment was designed to give me the knowledge that I sought.  Lasell’s online learning format allowed me to create a schedule to attend to the various priorities in my life. I was able to work full time, care for my family’s needs, and complete my class assignments. " 
- Director of Sports Medicine, Lasell University


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 How long does it take to earn a certificate?

Most of our certificate programs are between 3 to 5 courses and 9 and 15 credits that can be completed between 6-12 months.

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 What is the difference between a certificate and a degree?

A certificate is a non-degree graduate-level program that focuses on a specialized skill and can be completed in less time than a degree program. 

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 Is financial aid available for certificates?

Yes, financial aid is available for most graduate certificate programs at Lasell.