Our Grad Students & Alumni Tell Their Stories

Angie Calderone '20
MS, Communications

Angie Calderone headshot

"Applying to a school overseas can be an overwhelming process. Lasell's staff was friendly and helped with the application process. The Masters's program looked great and was taught by great teachers. The location was convenient and Lasell had a diverse university, making friends from different cultures easier.

Working as an intern for the International Student Office at Lasell introduced me to several opportunities and boosted my personal confidence. This experience was one of the greatest experiences of my life."

Deanellys Rivera '23
MS, Communications

Deanellys Rivera headshot

"My master's program allowed me to see how far my professional career could actually go. The professors I had during my time at Lasell were excellent. They took their time with their lectures and answered all of my questions. They gifted me with invaluable knowledge that I am positive will help me in my future career."

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Brendan McCaffery '17
MS, Sport Management

Brendan McCaffery headshot

"Lasell helps students in a vast variety of ways. The advice I would give to new students is to take advantage of every opportunity."

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Emily Nado '22
MS, Athletic Training

Emily Nado headshot

"The Lasell master's program did a great job of preparing me for a career in athletic training by giving me experience in all aspects of the career."

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Dwayne Cartagena '23

Dwayne Cartagena headshot

"Pursuing a Master's degree has been a significant accomplishment for me. The MBA program  taught me that personal and professional growth is not a straight journey, but it's about consistently moving forward. The degree has also prepared me for future career opportunities and positions that were previously out of my reach due to my limited experience. Through the program, I've gained a better understanding of business processes and how they function, allowing me to innovate and succeed in any business environment."

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Nora Ortegas '23
MS, Integrated Marketing Communications

Nora Ortegas headshot

"Lasell does a great job helping you through the transitional process from undergrad to grad school. There are so many different start dates throughout the semester so you can start whenever it is convenient for you - which is awesome! The program is very accommodating to your needs and busy life schedule”

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Patrick Sullivan '21
MS, Management

Patrick Sullivan headshot

"Lasell has been very helpful when I was getting my Master's. My advisors were very proactive and helped me acclimate to grad school."

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Zain Ali '23
M.Ed., Leadership and Inclusion

Zain Ali headshot

“I wanted to continue and get my graduate degree here at Lasell as well because I was familiar with the program and the professors in the program are wonderful and knowledgeable in their field.”

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Fernando Ramirez '13
MS, Management and Marketing

Fernando Ramirez headshot

"Lasell was necessary for helping me to strategically plan out my career path and set important goals while honing and developing skill sets that would lead to career advancement and success. I knew Lasell would be able to provide me with the knowledge and resources to achieve my goals."

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Sandra Brown '23
MS, Criminal Justice

Sandra Brown headshot

"Lasell's Criminal Justice program has been a significant milestone in my personal and professional growth. The program has provided me with a unique opportunity to learn from people of various backgrounds, enabling me to broaden my perspective and gain insights that I would not have had otherwise."

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Erica E. Wallace '23
MS, Management

Erica Wallace headshot

"Getting my master's degree at Lasell provided a great foundation for my future. There is no ceiling. Working while completing my studies has allowed me to get good practice by applying me these skills to my role with great confidence. I am more assertive now. My perspective is valued not only because I have the knowledge, but because I can demonstrate how to successfully move through challenges."

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Jo-Anne Baxter '15
MS, Communications

Jo-Anne Baxter headshot

"I've wanted to get my master's degree for a really long time and I kept putting it off. I did some research and found Lasell. It was really interesting to find professors who were that knowledgeable and took time for students. It really opened my mind to think of different ways to not only experience the museum but to promote the museum as well."

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Bryanna Restelli '23
MS, Rehabilitation Science

Bryanna restelli headshot

"My master's program has broadened my understanding of the various career paths available in rehabilitation science. Overall, the program has provided me with a wealth of knowledge, experiences, and connections that have prepared me for a successful career in rehabilitation science while also positively impacting my personal growth."

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Stacey Gigante '16
MS, Integrated Marketing Communications

Stacey Gigante headshot

"I liked that the program was geared toward students with prior work experience, and I appreciated Lasell’s affordability and proximity to Boston. I went to a small school for my undergraduate degree, so I was also attracted to the smaller class sizes and the program’s flexible structure. I was impressed at the amount of time my professors took to provide personalized, meaningful feedback. I studied hard and worked full-time outside of class, so it meant a lot that they paid attention and let me know when I was doing a good job."

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Corina Lombardi '23
MS, Marketing

Corina Lombardi headshot

"My master's program has impacted my personal growth by helping me work on my time management skills and organizational skills. For my professional growth, my master's program has given me real-world experience that I can use as a guideline for my job. It has helped prepare me for my future career goals by giving me the skills that will help me achieve my goals."

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Emily Kennedy '12
MS, Management

Emily Makin Kennedy headshot

"I was looking for a program where the focus would be HR management rather than a general overview of business management. I wanted to learn more about HR law, change management, organizational behavior, and other areas.

Lasell's focus was on target for me. The amazingly talented professors were themselves working professionals who lived and breathed HR. I was able to ask them real-life questions pertaining to my current role and potential future strategies, and I benefited from the wisdom I received in return. As the program grew, the administrative staff remained supportive and open to new value-added ideas to further advance the academic experience."

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