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2021 - 2022 Academic Catalog

Student Account with a Credit Balance

Credit balances occurring as a result of excess loans or financial aid will not be issued until the entire loan and/or aid funds have been received by Lasell University. Credit balances for enrolled students will remain on the account unless requested by the student by email, or Federal funds exceed the cost of attendance. Excess Federal funds will be issued to the student in accordance with Federal regulations. Refunds will be issued within three weeks of the request and will be made via Direct Deposit or Prepaid/Debit card per the students’ selection. For students who do not make a selection, a refund check will be mailed to the address on file. Students who request a refund prior to the end of the academic year understand that, if additional charges are assessed and/or financial aid is adjusted following receipt of a refund, a balance may be due to the University. Refunds may be processed up to the point charges for the new semester have been posted to the student account. Accounts will be reviewed periodically for non-enrollment and a credit balance refund will be issued automatically. Refunds will not be issued automatically for credits under $1.00.  
To request a refund the student should email and request the exact amount to be refunded. Please also confirm that the refund preference has been verified.