Overview & Career Outcomes

The Master of Science in Medical Sciences (MSMS) is an integrated program that offers a multi-disciplined approach to the basic medical sciences.  This broad-based one-year core curriculum and degree are designed to improve and increase the competitiveness of your academic record to gain admission to a professional medical school program or employment in the medical industry. 

Top Reasons for Earning an MSMS 

  • Improved MCAT Scores  - gain the knowledge to improve your admissions test scores with a curriculum equivalent to the first year of medical school
  • Increase opportunities of entering an MD program and boost chances of success on your board exams  - this program has been designed to enhance the possibility of being accepted into a medical education program and to help you pass the USMLE board exams.  This curriculum is used in the MSMS program at Ponce Health Sciences University, where 75% of their 1st class received admission to medical school and 100% passed the USMLE Board exam on their first attempt. It enhances the student's possibility of being accepted into the Ponce Health Sciences University (PHSU) Medical Education (MD) Program by demonstrating added competence in the required sciences.
  • Medical School interview opportunities with Ponce Health Science University and St. George University 
  • Brighter prospects for a career in the health industry-  will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to pursue a career in a health profession field because the program enhanced science preparation
  • Real clinical scenarios and research - faculty present real clinical scenarios to experience first-hand how to apply your learnings in an actual healthcare environment.-  
  • Analyze performance with data - an innovative virtual classroom analyzes your performance with real-time data (from quizzes, homework, and exams) and provides you with a personalized knowledge gap report, allowing you to focus your studies and use your time more effectively. 
  • Free MCAT Prep courses included - 8 weeks of LIVE 3-hour virtual session designed to improve your MCAT performance for those students taking the exam. 

Dynamic Classroom Format

The MSMS program embraces a unique approach to medical education through a Dynamic Classroom Model.  This format merges online-based lectures with an on-campus, discussion-focused classroom experience. Our students engage in self-guided digital lectures outside of class, allowing in-class time to be dedicated to small group discussions and in-classroom online synchronous lectures, enhancing comprehension, communication, and critical thinking skills. This innovative approach ensures that class time is optimally utilized for interactive learning, focusing on areas where students need the most support based on real-time feedback from quizzes and assessments. 

In addition to fostering active learning, this program collects live data to track student responses to in-class questions, homework, and exams. This gives detailed insights into each student's performance, enabling a tailored learning experience. By harnessing the power of analytics, we help students identify their strengths and areas for improvement and guide them toward their best fit in the healthcare field. The Dynamic Classroom Model is more than just an educational strategy; it's a pathway to success in various medical fields, preparing graduates for their future in healthcare. 

Pre-med Program Prepares You for the Next Step

The MS in Medical Science provides you with a curriculum similar to what you would take in the first year of LCME-accredited medical school so you can figure out if med school is right for you.

  • Medical School - graduates of MSMS programs perform better on the USMLE Step 1 than those that don't because they have already learned the core curriculum in the first year of med school.
  • Healthcare Careers - the MSMS is your gateway to a career in the healthcare industry, opening up opportunities for students in medicine, dentistry, medical research, medical sales, veterinary, pharmaceutical, podiatry, health education, optometry, and more. 

Pathways to Medical Schools

  • Ponce Health Sciences University
    The top 20% are guaranteed a medical school interview with Ponce Health Sciences University School of Medicine (PHSU)admissions.  To qualify, you must apply for the PHSU medical program and adhere to the admission requirements.
  • St. George's University (SGU)
    Lasell MSMS students can take advantage of expedited enrollment to St. George's University School of Medicine MD program upon completing the Lasell Master of Science in Medical Science if students meet SGU's admission criteria. Included in the fast-track status are waived application fees, prioritized review, interviews, processing, and decisions, along with a dedicated point of contact.  Accepted students can dive into immersive medical studies with the option to study in Grenada and Northumbria University in the UK, followed by clinical studies in the US or UK. SGU also offers scholarships worth up to $120,000 to those who qualify. This streamlined partnership between Lasell and SGU offers a unique opportunity to expedite your medical aspirations without compromising quality.

MSMS Successful Student Outcomes

Student results from the Tiber MSMS Program show students have successful outcomes after earning their MSMS.  

68% advance to medical school

77% advance to professional health school

77% pass USMLE Step 1 Board


The curriculum is designed to increase your medical knowledge, professionalism and communication skills. 

  • Increases medical knowledge  - Students will learn established and evolving medical sciences and apply this knowledge to research, including Anatomy, Biochemistry, Histology, Microbiology, Neuroscience, Community Medicine, Ethics, and Physiology.
  • Develop Professionalism - Students learn to carry out responsibilities professionally and abide by ethical principles by demonstrating honesty, integrity, and respectful behavior in all research, courses, and career training activities.
  • Communicate with skill - Students will learn how to effectively exchange information and communicate clearly and concisely in a business and medical environment.

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ANM6011 - Gross Anatomy, Embryology & Imaging I 9
PHM6921 - Physiology I I 4
BCM6121 - Medical Biochemistry I I 5
Total 18
MIM6420 - Microbiology II 4
PHM6922 - Physiology II II 4
BCM6122 - Medical Biochemistry II II 5
PHM6020 - Neuroscience II 5
Total 18
BCM6121 - Histology and Cell Biology III 4
MEM6350 - Medical Ethics III 1
IHD919 - Interprofessional Perspectives in Health Disparities III 1
Additional Req - Comprehensive Qualifying Exam (CQX) III  -
Total  6

The following courses will be offered during the summer session: Histology, Ethics, and IHD. 


Now Enrolling for MAY 2024.

No MCAT, GRE or other entrance exam is required to apply for the Lasell MSMS program. 

The MSMS program is F-1 Visa eligible.

Admissions require the following for the MSMS program:

    • Bachelor's degree from a Regionally Accredited College or University 
    • Minimum GPA of 2.75.   
    • The following prerequisites must be completed with a 'C' or higher prior to starting the the MSMS program:
      • General Biology l & ll with labs (8 credits)
      • General Chemistry l & ll with labs (8 credits)
      • Organic Chemistry l & ll with labs (8 credits)
      • Physics l & ll with labs (8 credits)
      • Mathematics (6 credits)
      • Biochemistry (3 credits)
      • English (3 credits)

Please Note: Lasell University offers online and/or face-to-face options for all required prerequisites.

Application Checklist:

      1. Online application
      2. Official transcripts of all college-level coursework.
      3. A one-page personal statement describing your goals for entering the health professions, how you have prepared to succeed in a rigorous graduate program, and how you plan to make a positive impact on patient care
      4. 1 Letter of recommendation from Faculty or a Supervisor
      5. Resume, please include all relevant healthcare experience to include shadowing

Materials should be submitted through MyPortal or emailed to gradinfo@lasell.edu:

International Applicants:

This program is F-1 visa eligible only for the August and January start terms.

All International applicants need to submit English equivalency from one of the following: TOEFL scores: minimum required score is 80 (iBT) or IELTS, minimum required score is 6.0; or Pearson PTE Academic minimum score is 53; or Duolingo minimum required score is 105. The English equivalency scores may be waived for international applicants who have earned a bachelor's degree at an accredited college/university in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, or Canada.

For additional requirements, please visit our International Admission Requirement page.

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