Publications by Solstice Graduates

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“Several of the essays in my first chapbook, What’s in a Butch’s Purse and Other Humorous Essays, began at Solstice when I was a student. The push to write and the motivation from students and faculty gave me the courage to keep working on these little essays until they ended up in this collection! The MFA Director and Associate Director have promoted and highlighted my work on Facebook, in press releases, and in the MFA newsletter. The continued support I’m getting from my MFA program post-graduation is amazing to me.”

—graduate Cindy Zelman

“The staff at PMC offers a nurturing environment for aspiring writers. They were instrumental in getting my first novel published. The support I received as an alumni made me think I was still a full time student. It’s an environment you would be hard pressed to find in other graduate programs.”

—graduate John Theo Jr.