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MS in Sport Management: Sport Leadership


Master in Sport Management

The Sport Leadership concentration provides the broadest foundation within the Sport Management program. Encompassing the skills of a traditional MBA and a specific focus on issues related to sports, coursework addresses everything from operations and finance to media relations and service for an increasingly global set of stakeholders and fans. While most graduates pursue rewarding careers in the industry, others leverage their widely applicable leadership skills in advanced positions in other fields. Prepare for any number of careers within the sporting world – and beyond

Students in the Sport Leadership program will learn to:

  • Manage and develop successful employee teams
  • Understand and respond to the unique and complex economics of sport
  • Communicate effectively with individuals within and outside their company
  • Make smart financial decisions for the benefit of their organizations
  • Liaise with the press

A convenient online approach

  • 36 credits of coursework: 24 credits in the core program curriculum; 9 credits of concentration-specific courses; 3-credit capstone
  • All coursework is completed online using Lasell’s easy-to-use learning platform
  • 8-week modules are flexible and affordable

For love of the game
If you love sports, Lasell’s Sport Leadership concentration will help you transform your passion into a meaningful career. From broad knowledge of industry trends to specific training through an intensive capstone internship or research project, you will gain the skills necessary to succeed in sport-related fields. What’s more, the Sport Leadership concentration not only prepares students for successful careers in the sporting industry, but also provides the vital management and communication skills needed to succeed in leadership positions of all types. ​

A student-first philosophy
We maintain intentionally small class sizes that enable highly collaborative, personalized learning. You’ll work closely with exceptional teachers – many of whom are working professionals – over the course of your program, and have opportunities to develop a curriculum aligned with your specific goals through student-driven projects such as a direct study, which enables you to dive deeply into a research project of your choosing. In addition, our advisory board comprises prominent professionals in the field who provide valuable connections to the broader sport industry, positioning you to pursue internships and real-world work experience with top organizations in the Boston area and beyond. ​ ​ ​






Choose 3 from the following:
MGMT743 Fundraising Concepts & Practices 3
SMGT707 Exec & Strat leadership in the Sport Ind 3
SMGT713 International Sport Management 3
SMGT722 Managing Sport Facilities/Special Events 3
Core Courses
SMGT701 Historical & Current Issues in Sports 3
SMGT703 Sport Sponsorship & Marketing 3
SMGT704 Sport-Recreation-Tourism & the Law 3
SMGT705 Financial Mgmt in the Sport Industry 3
SMGT708 Leisure Studies Foundations 3
SMGT711 Sport & Rec Ldrship to Shape the Future 3
SMGT714 Administrative Procedures 3
SMGT780 Research & Design in the Sport Industry 3
Capstone Options
SMGT781 Writing & Reporting Research in Sport 3
SMGT797 Internship 3

*Students without a bachelor's degree in sport management will be required to take SMGT 706 Introduction to Sport Management as their introductory course in place of SMGT 701 Historical & Current Issues in Sports.

Winter 2020 Courses

Course Number Name Format Instructor
Winter 1/2 - 1/17
SMGT708 Leisure Studies Foundation Online Sargeant, Dan
SMGT714 Administrative Procedures Online Sargeant, Dan

Spring 2020 Courses

Course Number Name Format Instructor
SPRING MAIN 1/22 - 5/11
SMGT797 Internship Internship Savitz, Janice
SPRING 1: 1/22 - 3/10
SMGT706 Introduction to Sport Management Online Abruzzi, Nick
SMGT711 Sport & Rec Ldrship to Shape the Future Online Sargeant, Dan
SMGT713 International Sport Management Online Sargeant, Dan
SMGT780 Research & Design in the Sport Industry Online Kim, Young
SPRING 2: 3/23 - 5/11
SMGT704 Sport-Recreation-Tourism & the Law Online Sargeant, Dan
SMGT706 Introduction to Sport Management Online Abruzzi, Nick
SMGT707 Exec & Strat leadership in the Sport Ind Online Savitz, Janice
SMGT726 Trends & Issues in Recreation Management Online Abruzzi, Nick
SMGT781 Writing & Reporting Research in Sport Online Sargeant, Dan

Admission Requirements

Candidates seeking admission to Lasell University's Sport Management graduate degree or Certificate programs must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. GRE/GMAT scores are not required.  The TOEFL may be waived for international applicants who have earned a bachelor's degree at an accredited college/university in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand or Canada. All other applicants must submit a TOEFL/IELTS score.

Admission Requirements Checklist:

  1. Online application
  2. Official transcripts of all college-level coursework *
  3. A one page personal statement describing your goals, strengths and potential for achievement in graduate school
  4. Resume

A cumulative grade point average of 3.0 is recommended for recent college graduates withfewer than 3 years of professional work experience.*

Materials should be addressed to:

The Office of Graduate Enrollment
Lasell University
1844 Commonwealth Ave.
Newton, MA 02466