Course Schedules

Athletic Training  Applied Sport Science Analytics Business Administration Communication
Certified Financial Planner Criminal Justice E-commerce Education
ELL/SPED Footwear Design Human Resources Management
Marketing Nutrition for Human Performance Organizational Leadership Project Management
Rehabilitation Science Sport Management Surface & Print Design

2021 Courses

Athletic Training Courses

Course Number Name Format Instructor
Summer Main 5/18 - 8/27
MSAT711 Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation II On-Campus TBA
Summer 2: 7/7 - 8/27
MSAT700 Prof Behaviors & Evidence Based Practice Online TBA
MSAT701 Functional Anatomy Online TBA
MSAT723 Immersive Clinical Experience I Online TBA

Communication Courses

Course Number Name Format Instructor
Summer Main: 5/18 - 8/27
COM798 Special Study Project Online TBA
COM799 Professional Internship Online Quinn, Katilyn
Summer I: 5/18 - 7/6
COM701 Communication, Ethics & Society Online Nazzaro, Lucia
COM703 Communication Research Online Sobel, Ethan
COM704 Corporate Communication Online Barrett, Janice
COM709 Negotiations & Conflict Resolution Online Santos, Javonte
COM722 Crisis Communication Online Barrett, Janice
COM742 Integrated Marketing Communications Online Walsh, Marty
COM756 Health Promotions & Campaigns Online Rizzo, Ricci
COM796 Comprehensive Examination Online Barrett, Janice
Summer 2: 7/7 - 8/27
COM702 Organizational Communication Online Covarrubias, Kristina 
COM705 Media Relations Online Nazzaro, Lucia
COM734 Digital Media Analytics Online Quintino, Joao
COM738 Persuasion & Public Opinion Online Alland, Helene
COM761 Communicating in Groups and Teams Online TBA

Criminal Justice Courses 

Course Number Name Format Instructor
Summer Main: 5/18 - 8/27
CJ798 Research Project Capstone Online Weeks, Edward
CJ799 Internship Online Bucci, Linda
Summer I: 5/18 - 7/6
CJ701 The Criminal Justice System & Process Online Abbott, Sarah
CJ702 Critical Legal Issues in Crim Justice Online DeBole, Pau
CJ721 Risk Management & Planning Online Beaudry, Mark
CJ730 Terrorism & Homeland Security Online Duckworth, Neal
CJ731 Transnational Crime Online Beaudry, Mark
CJ742 Violence Prev, Advocacy, & Social Change Online MacMaster, Shawn
CJ750 Global Criminal Justice Systems Online Zawisza, Tom
Summer 2: 7/7 - 8/27
CJ703 Advanced Criminological Thought Online Abbott, Sarah
CJ704 Ethical Theory & Criminal Justice Policy Online Weeks, Edward
CJ704.B. Ethical Theory & Criminal Justice Policy Online TBA
CJ705 Criminal Justice Leadership &
Online Weeks, Edward
CJ720 Crisis & Emergency Management Online Pinckney, Tonisha
CJ732 Cybercrime & Data Security Online Beaudry, Mark
CJ752 Class, Race, Ethic and Gender Issues CJ Online Wallace, Kellie

E-Commerce Courses

Course Number Name Format Instructor
Summer: 1/26 - 3/16
FASH924 Digital Merchandising Online Plumb, Chelsey
Spring 1: 3/23 - 4/4
FASH925 Attracting and Retaining Your Digital Customer Online Plumb, Chelsey
SRING 2: 4/13 - 5/10
FASH926 Developing Digital Commerce Strategies Online Plumb, Chelsey

Education Courses

Course Number Name Format Instructor
Summer MAIN 1/22 - 5/11
ED711 Curriculum & Assessment Diverse
Hybrid Posey, Allison
ED774 Teacher Leadership and School
Hybrid Wilmot, William
Summer 1: 1/22 - 3/10
ED722 Social Studies Concepts & Curriculum Online  Maynard, Amy
SPED722 Policy, Law, & Disability Online  Williams, Natalie

English Language Learner

Course Number Name Format Instructor
Summer 1: 5/18 - 6/28
ELSP702 Removing Barriers for Classroom Assessment Online TBA
Summer 2: 7/7 - 8/16
ELSP703 Assessment for Equity & Inclusion Online TBA
Fall 2: 10/5 - 11/15
ELSP704 Culturally Responsive Individualized Edcuation Online TBA

Exercise Science

Course Number Name Format Instructor
Summer 1: 5/18 - 7/6
EXSC701 High Performance Science Online TBA

Footwear Design and Development

Course Number Name Format Instructor
Summer 1: 5/4 - 5/31
FASH912 Production Management Online Brock Jones, Elizabeth
Summer 1: 6/1 - 7/5
FASH910 Footwear Design and Development Online Friton, Mike
Summer II 7/6 -7/26
FASH911 Materials & Color Online Grevers, Kathleen
Summer II: 7/27 - 8/16
FASH913 Trend Analysis & Marketing Online Grevers, Kathleen

Management Courses

Course Number Name Format Instructor
Summer Main:  5/18 - 8/27
MGMT798 Research Project Capstone TBA Obeng, Raymond
MGMT798 Research Project Capstone TBA Arons, Pamela
MGMT798 Research Project Capstone TBA Vergara, Judy
MGMT798 Research Project Capstone TBA TBA
MGMT799 Internship Capstone TBA Waldron, Nancy
Summer 1: 5/18 - 7/6
MGMT702 Research Methods Online Obeng, Raymond
MGMT704 Financial Management Online Hannon, James
MGMT705 Organizational Theory Online Carvalho, Kathy
MGMT707 Operations Strategy Online Waldron, Nancy
MGMT714 Principles of Project Management Online Sawhney, Anil
MGMT728 Human Resources Management Online Carvalho, Kathy
MGMT731 Human Resource Law & Compliance Online Howard, Kim
MGMT744 Global Marketing Online M Reilly, Matt
MGMT751 Business Strategy Online McKinnon, Bruce
MGMT756 Policy & Brand Management in Hospitality Online Mobar, Siddharth
MGMT760 New Product Development Online Huetteman, Janet
MGMT762 Employee Relations, Engage & Retention Online M Howard, Kim
MGMT770 Managerial Economics Online Weissman, Richard
Summer 2: 7/7 - 8/27
MGMT700 Global Leadership Online McGeough, Robert
MGMT703 Strategic Information Management Online Borden, Dan
MGMT740 Consumer Behavior Online Borden, Dan
MGMT745 Strategic Marketing Online Huetteman, Janet
MGMT752 Change Management Online Carvalho, Kathy
MGMT764 Diversity, Inclusion & Countering Bias Online Howard, Kim
MGMT767 Risk Management Online Dolaher, Mark
MGMT771 Accounting for Managers Online Kirk, Steven
MGMT773 Entrepreneurial Strat & Venture Creation Online McKinnon, Bruce

Nutrition for Human Performance Courses

Course Number Name Format Instructor
Summer 1: 5/18 - 7/6
NHP714 Health Ed & Promotion through Soc Medi Online Hastie, Marisa
Summer 2: 7/7 - 8/27
NHP713 Current Topics in Nutrition for Health Online TBA

Rehabilitation Science Courses

Course Number Name Format Instructor
Summer Main: 5/18 - 8/27
RSCI780 Quantitative & Qualitative Research Online TBA
RSCI781 Capstone Online TBA
Summer 1: 1/26 -3/16
RSCI709 Concepts & Application of Manual
Online Laham, Ron
RSCI710X.A Advanced Topics in Rehabilitation Science TBA TBA
Summer 2: 3/17 - 5/5
RSCI715 Advanced Pathophysiology Online TBA

Sport Management Courses

Course Number Name Format Instructor
Summer Main: 5/18 - 8/27
SMGT797 Internship TBA Savitz, Janice
Summer 1: 1/26 - 3/16
SMGT701 Historical & Current Issues in Sports
SMGT708 Leisure Studies Foundation Online Alberts, John
SMGT710 Principles of Athletic Administration Online Nowlan, Bill
SMGT711 Sport & Rec Ldrship to Shape the Future Online Johnson, Christopher
SMGT722 Managing Sport Facilities/Special Events Online Kim, Young
SMGT731 Ethical Non-Profit Sport Management
SMGT732 The Use of Psychology in Leisure Studies
SMGT780 Research & Design in the Sport Industry
Summer 2: 3/17 - 5/5
SMGT704  Sport-Recreation-Tourism & the Law Online Sargeant, Dan
SMGT705 Financial Mgmt in the Sport Industry Online Nowlan, Bill
SMGT706 Introduction to Sport Management Online Abruzzi, Nick
SMGT713 International Sport Management Online Kim, Young Tae
SMGT714 Administrative Procedures Online Hurley, Gavin
SMGT728 The Art of Selling: Mastering Techniques Online Savitz, Janice
SMGT781 Writing & Reporting Research in Sport Online Kim, Young Tae

Surface and Print Design Courses

Course Number Name Format Instructor
Spring 1: 1/26 - 3/16