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MBA Healthcare Management


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  • 100% Online or Hybrid Formats
  • 12-24 month completion

    12-24 Months 
  • dedicated counselor

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The Master of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Healthcare Management at Lasell University integrates the core business MBA program with the specialized knowledge of the healthcare industry.   This program provides you with the theoretical understanding of management principles and how they can be practiced in non-profit and for-profit healthcare settings such as hospitals, urgent care centers, small practices, service providers, or in large pharmaceutical and biotech organizations.

You will gain a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and develop skills in finance, leadership, project management, strategy, and analytics. Our Healthcare Management MBA will provide you with the tools you need to be a strategic leader who can manage a successful health-related business.

What you will learn:

  • How to lead and make critical healthcare and wellness related business decisions
  • Apply analytical and ethical decision-making skills to create innovative solutions to healthcare challenges
  • Techniques for managing change and shaping healthcare policies
  • Design and deliver media support services for health media productions and communication campaigns
  • Strategies and opportunities to use the media as a resource for health promotion and positive social change

Advance your career

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the healthcare sector is growing at the rate that is twice as fast as the general economy with job outlook projected to grow by 20%  which means that  1.4 million new jobs will be created by the year 2026. The salary for a business professional with a healthcare MBA is on average $121,000 per year. With the combination of healthcare being one of the largest industries combined with changing technologies and rising demand from aging populations, there is a big opportunity for students to fulfill organizations' employment needs. Whether you are currently working in a healthcare setting or desire a career change,  our program will prepare you for a variety of leadership roles in the healthcare industry such as:

  • Executive
  • Director of Strategic Planning
  • Director of Operations
  • Medical Practice Administration
  • Healthcare Administrator
  • Senior Business Associate
  • Healthcare Analyst
  • Hospital Administrator
  • Healthcare Consultant

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Below is the curriculum for the MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Management: 

MGMT700 Global Leadership 3
MGMT703 Strategic Information Management 3
MGMT714 Principles of Project Management 3
MGMT728 Human Resource Management 3
MGMT745 Strategic Marketing 3
RSCI 716 Ethical Issues in Healthcare Professions 3
MGMT769 Statistical Analysis for Decision Making 3
MGMT770 Managerial Economics 3
MGMT771 Accounting for Managers 3
MGMT772 Financial Analysis for Managers 3
MGMT773 Entrepreneurial Strat & Venture 3
Healthcare Management Concentration (Choose 3)
RSCI717 Healthcare Leader/Decision Making 3
COM751 Health Communication 3
HSCI718 Managed Care and Health Insurance 3
Total Credits 42


MGMT700 - Global Leadership - 3 Credit

This course considers the key aspects of what it means to be a leader in our ever-changing global business environment. Best practices and key considerations for developing global strategy, driving change around the world, managing multicultural teams, addressing the intricacies of a global supply chain, and the challenges we face from macro trends, such as climate change and sustainability. Formerly MBA706

MGMT703 - Strategic Information Management - 3 Credits

This course presents the conceptual foundations of information technology and examines the development, application, and advances of information technology resources in organizations. With a focus on the managerial perspective, students investigate issues related to the development of contemporary systems development approaches. Formerly MBA713

MGMT714 - Principles of Project Management - 3 Credits

This course focuses on the essentials of project management. It approaches project management from the standpoint of managing a single, stand-alone project that is small to medium in size. The course takes attendees through the project life cycle in the same sequence they would face when managing a real project in the workplace. Topics covered include the product and project life cycles, including initiation, planning, executing, controlling, and closing.

MGMT728 - Human Resource Management - 3 Credits

This course examines the staffing function of management, including planning, recruiting, selection, training, motivation, appraisal, compensation, labor laws, and organizational development. The course also addresses the current issues affecting the human resource manager, including the changing workforce and need to increase productivity as well as changes in the areas of unions and affirmative action.

MGMT745 - Strategic Marketing - 3 Credits

This course provides an overview of data-driven strategic marketing, the management, planning and control of the function and the process. Designed as a foundation course for the Masters in Marketing, an emphasizing the developing the skills to lead, plan, implement and measure strategic marketing initiatives within the dynamics of today's organization. Formerly MGMT706

MGMT769 - Stat Tech & Analysis for Decision Making - 3 Credits

This course covers basic statistical techniques in a managerial setting featuring case studies and conceptual exercises. Statistical topics include effective use of numerical and graphical summaries, estimation and confidence intervals, hypothesis testing and regression. A few more advanced topics such as data mining, the Bayesian paradigm and principles of model building may be encountered during projects. Formerly MBA709

MGMT770 - Managerial Economics - 3 Credits

Managerial Economics is the application of economic theory and methodology to managerial decision-making problems within various organizational settings such as a firm or a government agency. The emphasis in this course will be on-demand analysis and estimation, production and cost analysis under different market conditions, forecasting and decision making under uncertainty. The course provides an understanding of the microeconomic forces that influence firm decision making. Topics include competitive markets and market failure, benefit-cost analysis, demand estimation and forecasting, decision making under risk and uncertainty, production and cost estimation, and market structure analysis.

MGMT771 - Accounting for Managers - 3 Credits

As the language of business and the cornerstone of our capital markets, accounting provides terminology, frameworks, and concepts with which to analyze and understand the financial consequences of business activities. This course explains the basics of accounting, links accounting to financial statements analyzes financial statements and works through economic analysis of investments. As these activities have become increasingly complex and global, the task of presenting timely, relevant, and reliable financial information to interested internal and external users has become more challenging. The course highlights how managers use cost, cash flow and financial reporting information in their decisions. Pre-requisites: PMBA 708, 709, 710 with a grade of B- or better. Formerly MBA711

MGMT772 - Financial Analysis for Managers - 3 Credits

The primary purpose of this course is to help you develop a high degree of financial statement, financial analysis, and financial management expertise to enhance your capabilities as an informed manager and decision-maker. In addition, this course has a global perspective that examines the operation of the foreign exchange markets, foreign exchange risk management, sources and instruments of international financing, foreign direct investment and the management of political risk, multinational capital budgeting, and financing control systems for the multinational firm. Formerly MBA712

MGMT773 - Entrepreneurial Strat & Venture Creation - 3 Credits

Entrepreneurship is the process of creating and growing new businesses and is fundamentally concerned with the identification and exploitation of opportunities for wealth creation (profit). Successful entrepreneurs generate wealth by identifying opportunities for value creation and then develop competitive advantages to exploit them. The broad objective of this course will be to apply insights from the fields of strategic management and economics to the process of entrepreneurship in order to understand what differentiates successful from unsuccessful entrepreneurial firms.

RSCI716 - Ethical Issues in Healthcare Professions

This course is a study of the application of ethical principles, which includes the legal factors and professional behavior, which impact patient management and the rights of the consumer in the provision of medical and rehabilitation services. Ethical issues explored include human value development, decision making, basic principles of health care, the nature of rights, confidentiality and management of health care information, professional gatekeeping as a function of role fidelity, autonomy, and paternalism, and justice and the allocation of scarce resources.

Healthcare Concentration Courses (Choose 3)

RSCI717 - Healthcare Leadership & Decision Making

This course is intended to prepare students for the leadership decisions and actions that are inherent in performance enhancement management and practice within healthcare and wellness settings. Principles and applications of leadership will be explored, including persuasiveness, leading and directing teams, leading within organizations, and leadership opportunities in shaping policy in healthcare and wellness settings. Techniques for managing change and empowering others are included in this course. Topics related to effective leadership are issues of power, motivation, delegation, team building, persuasion and negotiation, and total quality improvement are included in this course.

COM751 - Health Communication

This course provides students with an understanding of how to design and deliver media support services for health media productions, health communication campaigns, and organizations developing their health communication capacity. Focused activities reflect health and science themes to benefit the public at large, as well as special populations and health care institutions, such as hospitals. Students learn to use and value the media in its potential to be a resource for lifelong learning, health promotion, and positive social change through educating the population about health messages and wellness themes.

HSCI718  -  Managed Care and Health Insurance

Presents an overview of the design, function, management, regulation, and evaluation of health insurance and managed care plans. Provides a firm foundation in basic concepts pertaining to private and public sector health insurance/benefit plans, both as provided by employers and government agencies such as Medicaid and Medicare. Explores population care management techniques, provider payment, organizational integration, quality and accountability, cost-containment, and public policy.

Course Schedule

2020 Courses

Course Number Name Format Instructor
SUMMER 1: 5/19 - 7/7
MGMT714 Principles of Project Management Online Sawhney, Anil
MGMT745 Strategic Marketing Online Huetteman, Janet
SUMMER 2: 7/8 - 8/31
MGMT700 Global Leadership Online McGeough, Bob
MGMT703 Strategic Information Management Online Holley, Mary
MGMT728 Human Resource Management Online Howard, Kim
MGMT770 Managerial Economics Online Johansson, Tulin
FALL Main: 9/8 - 12/18
MGMT700 Global Leadership Hybrid TBA
MGMT703 Research Methods  Hybrid Borden, Dan
MGMT728 Human Resource Management Hybrid Policar, Alex
FALL 1: 9/8 - 10/27
COM751 Digital Media Analytics Online Greene, Neil
MGMT714 Principles of Project Management Online Sawhney, Anil
MGMT745 Strategic Marketing Online Huetteman, Janet
MGMT771 Accounting for Managers Online Kirk, Steve
FALL 2: 10/28 - 12/16
MGMT703 Strategic Information Management Online Borden, Dan
MGMT769 Statistical Analysis for Decision Making Online Hannon, Jim