Athletic Training Academic Plan

Use the below chart to plan the classes you take for each session. 

AT Graduate Program Year 1
Graduate Session Course Number Course Title Credits Format
Summer II  MSAT700 Professional Behaviors & Evidence-Based Practice 3 Online
Summer II MSAT701 Functional Anatomy 3 Online
Summer II RSCI715 Pathophysiology 3 Online
Total 9
Fall Main MSAT703 Orthopedic Assessment & Diagnosis I 3 On-Campus
Fall Main MSAT705 Prevention & Health Promotion 3 Hybrid
Fall Main MSAT707 Emergency Response & Care 3 On-Campus
Fall II MSAT721 Integrated Clinical Experience I 2 Clinical
Total  11
Spring Main MSAT704 Orthopedic Assessment & Diagnosis II 3 On-Campus
Spring Main MSAT710 Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation I 3 On-Campus
Spring Main MSAT722 Integrated Clinical Experience II 3 Clinical
Spring II MSAT702 Diagnostic Procedures 2 Online
Total 11
AT Graduate Program Year 2
Graduate Session Course Number Course Title Credits Format
Summer Main MSAT711 Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation II 3 Hybrid
Summer I RSCI709 Concepts & Application of Manual Therapy 3 Hybrid
Summer II MSAT723 Immersive Clinical Experience I 3 Clinical
Total 9
Fall Main MSAT724 Integrated Clinical Experience III 4 Clinical
Fall Main RSCI780 Quantitative & Qualitative Research 3 Online
Fall I MSAT717 Healthcare Management & Quality Improvement 3 Online
Fall II MSAT713 Pharmacology 3 Online
Total  13
Spring Main MSAT725 Integrated Clinical Experience V 4 Clinical
Spring Main RSCI781 Capstone 3 Online
Spring I MSAT714 Behavioral and Mental Health 3 Online
Total 10
Program Total Credits  63