The Degree Completion Program for a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies allows students to explore their passion or create their own major.  The program offers a broad foundation from various subjects to help you achieve your career goals.  

This program hone your skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, writing and communication.  It provides multiple ethical, behavioral, and societal perspectives. You can pursue interests that are a unique combination of courses from two or more disciplines.

Your advisor will help you develop an academic plan that will explain your degree and how each course selected fits into that plan and the sequence in which they should be completed. 

Examples of Interdisciplinary majors include Green Business and Digital Media & Social Justice. 


Lasell University has a connected learning philosophy where what is learned is consistently applied to the real-world. 

The Bachelor Degree Completion program in Interdisciplinary Studies (BSIS) is delivered in mobile-first online format. The BSIS requires 30 credits to be taken at Lasell.  The program consists of 14 -18 courses (depending on transfer credits accepted) or 120 credits. The courses are delivered in 8-week sessions to help you complete your degree faster. 

You will work with your advisor to choose the electives and courses which can be chosen from any combination of  300-400 level courses in Anthropology, Art History, Biology, Chemistry, Criminal Justice, Economics, English, Environmental Studies, Foreign Language, Geography, History, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Science, or Sociology courses. Selected courses in other departments may fulfill the Arts & Sciences requirement. The Dean of the School of Humanities, Education, Justice & Social Science needs to approve election selections. 

Major and/or Electives
Electives 66
300-400 Level Courses 30


Candidates seeking admission to Lasell University Degree Completion Program for Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies can transfer up to 90 credits from other accredited institutions. Students would need to complete at least 30 credits at Lasell University to earn their degree. If you transfer to a course that fulfills a core requirement, you will be able to take a business elective course in its place. 

  • Applicants must have completed at least 15 credits at a U.S. institution, no other prerequisites are required 
  • 30 credits of major core courses
  • Transfer up to 90 credits (Credits over 10 years old care considered)
    • Earned grade 'C' or higher on transfer credits
    • Related core course requirements can be waived
    • Minimum of 120 credit hours required for the degree
  • 30 other Lasell credits are required. (These credits are required despite previous coursework)

Students eligible for this program must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Must have completed 15 credits at a U.S. Institution
  • Has not been enrolled with an institution for an entire calendar year
  • Veteran or Service member
  • Has the approval of the Lasell University undergraduate Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies

Admission Requirements Checklist:

  1. Online application
  2. Personal Statement
  3. Official transcripts of all college-level coursework 
  4. Resume

International Students

  • Are eligible if the program is completed online in their country of origin
  • Are NOT eligible for the program if they wish to obtain a student visa and/or want to live on-campus