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School of Fashion

Richard Bath, M.Ed.




  • M.Ed. of Education, Management, Cambridge College;
  • B.A. Honors, Business Administration, University of Westminster, London, England

Richard Bath has an extensive business background in operations management in the retail/fashion industry. In addition to his other qualifications, he is a strong proponent of community service and economic involvement in the non-profit sector. This includes being a Member of Task Force 2020 - Southeastern Massachusetts Economic Council, which wrote Brown Fields and Economic Legislation for Southeastern Massachusetts. He also served as a Commissioner for the Old Colony Planning Council for Plymouth County and is active in Democratic politics. He remains active as a member of several different boards of directors for area non-profits and political action committees.

Prior to his position at Lasell University, Richard Bath served as Chairman of the Fashion Merchandising Department at Burdett College - Boston Campus. Before that Professor Bath was an Instructor of Business/Marketing and Organizational Behavior at Bunker Hill Community College, an adjunct instructor of Marketing & Economics at Mass Bay Community College and taught Global Diversity in the International Market Place at Northeastern University.

What is your favorite quote?
"True learning comes from a fusion of head, heart, and body. The knowledge and understanding that become a true part of our selves are always the result of experiential learning in which we are intellectually connected, emotionally engaged, and physically involved. The heroic school and school system are places in which the joy and chaos of exploration and inquiry are dominant and always present."
From: The Hero's Journey: How Educators Can Transform Schools and Improve Learning, by John L. Brown and Cerylle A. Moffett