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School of Business Faculty


Janice A. Savitz, M.S.

Assistant Professor of Sport Management

Office: Science and Technology Center

Tel: 617-243-2138


Donna Scipione, M.S.

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Office: DeArment

Tel: 617-243-2061

Dina Tanvuia

Dina Tanvuia, M.S.

Program Chair of Hospitality and Event Management, Associate Professor of Hospitality and Event Management

Office: DeArment

Tel: 617-243-2028


Anh Le Tran, Ph.D.

Professor of Economics and Management

Office: DeArment

Tel: 617-243-2017

Headshot of Eric Turner

Eric Turner, M.B.A.

Provost, Professor of Business

Office: Holway

Tel: 617-243-2071

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