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Tuition and Fees

At Lasell University, we believe that education is a life-long investment that delivers exceptional value and career success. We are committed to making graduate-level education accessible to everyone.  In addition to reasonable tuition, we offer various financial aid, scholarships and assistantships options to help make your education investment more affordable.

If you're interested in earning a master's degree or graduate certificate, we'll work with you to try to eliminate the financial hurdles. Contact our enrollment counselor team to talk about your options.   Below you will find the basic information for tuition and fees for the Graduate and Professional Studies programs.   

View the 2020-2021 Graduate & Professional Studies Billing Policies (PDF)

2020-2021 Master's Degree Tuition 

Fee Description Cost
Graduate (all programs unless specified) $600 per credit
Graduate Comprehensive Fee $40/per session
Replacement ID Card $50
Course Fees Vary

2020-2021 Bachelor Degree Completion (BSBA) Tuition 

Fee Description Cost
Bachelor Degree Completion Tuition $400 per credit
Comprehensive Fee $40/per session
Replacement ID Card $50
Course Fees Vary

Current students can view their account detail and balance on their Student Account Center via MyLasell by selecting Pay MyBill under University Resources.

Fee Descriptions

Tuition: Tuition is charged per credit based on registration for each session.

Comprehensive Fee: The comprehensive fee is charged per session. If a student is enrolled in three sessions in one semester they will only be charged two comprehensive fees.

Replacement ID Card: A fee is charged if an ID card is lost and needs to be replaced. 

Course Fees: There are fees associated with individual courses. 

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