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2019 - 2020 Academic Catalog

Sport Leadership

Lasell's Sport Leadership Certificate is designed for the working individual looking to focus on the current and future trends facing the sport industry in order to be an effective leader. The certificate can be used as a base for career advancement or as an entrance into Lasell's Master of Science in Sport Management Program. Candidates to the certificate programs must hold a bachelor’s degree and submit an application for study in the graduate program along with all necessary documents.

Course Code Course Title Credits
Choose 3 from the following:
MGMT707 Operations Strategy 3
MGMT722 Housing & Long-Term Care Options 3
MGMT743 Fundraising Concepts & Practices 3

The certificate program is structured as follows: 15 credits are required for a graduate certificate.
9 required concentration credits (3 courses)
6 elective credits (2 courses)

Students in this certificate program must choose two electives to complete their certificate requirements. Electives can be drawn from any courses offered within the Criminal Justice, Communication, Management and Sport Management programs of study.

SMGT102 - Contemporary Sport Management

This course provides an overview of general principles and practices of the sport industry, covering all facets of sport management, including leadership, sociology, marketing, legal aspects, finance, and governance, in both professional and amateur sports setting. Students learn and understand those unique aspects of sport management that distinguish it from other management fields. Students gain an increased awareness of various career opportunities in the sport industry.

SMGT201 - Legal Aspects of Sports

This course is an exploration of the relationship of the law to organized secondary school, collegiate, and professional sports. It provides an overview of a wide range of legal principles that relate to the sport management field. This is a writing intensive course. Prerequisite: SMGT 102 or LS101

SMGT202 - Ethics in Sport

This course examines theories of ethics as well as personal moral development as applied to sports. It explores the importance of personal ethics and organizational responsibility and the role of professional ethics in sport management. Prerequisite: SMGT102

SMGT203X - Intro to Parks Recreation & Tourism

This course provides students with a broad understanding of the evolution of leisure values, behaviors, and services as well contemporary issues and trends. Students will learn about the history and philosophy of recreation, leisure and tourism in an international context, and the role of organized leisure in American communities, as well as the changing social, economic, political and environmental context for these leisure based activities and their ties to the maturing fields of sport tourism and Parks and Recreation.

SMGT205 - Pre-Practicum I

This course is designed for students to complete 30 hours of supervised fieldwork with the Lasell College athletic department or at an approved off-campus site. Prerequisites: SMGT 102 and approval of Instructor.

SMGT206 - Sports Administration

This course studies the basic concepts, theories and organizations of administration as applied to sport. Areas covered include budgeting, human resources management, facilities, and legal issues.Prerequisite: SMGT102

SMGT207 - Special Topics in History of Sport

This course explores various aspects of sports and their historical development. The integration of gender, ethnic, religious, and other factors are discussed. The role that each area of sport plays within our society is examined.

SMGT208 - Sport Governance

This course focuses on the important role that governance plays within the sport industry. Students study the governance structures of various sports and sports governing bodies, including professional sports leagues, players’ associations, intercollegiate athletics, and Olympic sports, both within the United States and internationally. Prerequisite: SMGT102 or permission of the Program Director

SMGT209X - NCAA Compliance & Rules Admin

NCAA Compliance and Rules Administration is designed for students to gain an understanding of the enforcement policies, practices, and procedures, as well and the complexity of the rules and regulations governing NCAA and intercollegiate athletics. Student will review compliance cases, NCAA enforcement guidelines, and historical and contemporary compliance and rules administration cases.

SMGT211 - Sport & Society

This course is organized around the theme “Sport in Society.” The purpose of this course is to invoke a sociological perspective in understanding sport as a societal institution. We will examine socialization themes as well as the increasing organization, commercialization, and globalization of sports.

SMGT212X - Careers in Sport Management

This course discusses the meaning of sport management in terms of its scope, principles, issues and future trends. In addition, the course examines the job responsibilities and competencies required of sport managers in a variety of sports or sports-related organizations in a hope to have the student become acquainted with the role of sport administrators as well as the career opportunities within the industry. Finally, this course provides the student with an overview of the different issues sports managers will be faced with such as: consumer behavior, public relations, budgeting and facility management.

SMGT301 - Sport Facility & Event Management

This course explores the roles and functions of facility and events managers. It examines a variety of public assembly and privately managed sport facilities; the steps and skills required to effectively plan, organize, lead, and evaluate an event, and facilities to meet the needs of sports organizations. The course also examines resource allocation, strategic planning, and risk management and facility maintenance requirements. Prerequisites: SMGT 102 and a 200 level Sport Management course or HEM 301.

SMGT302 - Sport Marketing

This course explores sport as a product, its consumer markets, and sports products markets. It examines the processes of sport marketing, research, information management, identification of target markets, and the development of a sport marketing mix and strategies. Prerequisites: SMGT 102, BUSS 220.

SMGT303 - Sport Finance

This course is a study of the financial challenges faced by sport administrators and those working within the sports industry. Topics include economic impact analysis, ticket operations, concessions, public-private partnerships, sport sponsorships, and fundraising. Prerequisites: SMGT 102 & ECON101 or ECON102

SMGT304 - Sports Information & Communication

This course examines the fundamentals in sport information, publicity, and promotions. Preparation of news releases, local features, publications of programs and brochures, statistical breakdowns, dealing with the press, and the promotion of specific events, teams, and individuals are included. Prerequisite: ENG 102 & SMGT102

SMGT305 - Pre-Practicum II

This course is designed for the students to complete 30 hours of supervised fieldwork with the Lasell College athletic department or at an approved off-campus site. Prerequisite: SMGT 205.

SMGT306 - Sport Leadership

This course teaches concepts, principles, and skills of leadership for managers in the sports industry. Styles of successful sport coaches and managers are examined and analyzed in the context of their times and their settings. Prerequisite: SMGT102 & SMGT206 or Permission of instructor

SMGT307 - Sport Sponsorship

This course provides an examination of the relationship between sport and corporate sponsorship, and strategies for selling sponsorship packages. Topics covered include the theoretical rationale for sponsorship, strategic communication through sponsorship, determining the value of a sponsorship, evaluation of sponsorship activities, and techniques used to sell sponsorship packages. Perspectives from the event holder (i.e., property) offering a sponsorship and from the organization functioning as the sponsor are considered. Prerequisite:SMGT102 or Permission of Dept Chiar

SMGT308X - The Business of Sports

Multiple industries now makeup the overall “business of sports”. Amateur sports, professional sports, youth sports, athletic performance gear and fashion apparel, fantasy sports, memorabilia & sports media are each multibillion dollar industries in their own right. This course will explore the social and economic challenges faces by managers in various sectors of the sports industry as they attempt to address the ever increasing competition for fans, sponsors, broadcast viewership, media exposure, public financing and athletic talent.Students will learn what it is like to work in various divisions of the sports industry. Industry practitioners will walk the students through the day to day operations of these departments and explain successful strategies for obtaining these jobs. Students will go beyond wins and losses on the field to examine the fundamental business challenges that sports managers’ confront in a variety of industry sectors prerequisite: SMGT102 or permission of Dept Chair

SMGT310X - 30 for 30:Sport through Documentary

30 for 30 is the umbrella title for a series of documentary films highlighting interesting people and events in sports history. 30 for 30 has evolved into a series that has both revitalized and revolutionized the art of the sports documentary through a diverse range of filmmakers telling specific stories that touch on larger themes beyond sports. With each documentary, the filmmakers have brought their passion and personal approach to the screen, detailing the issues, trends, athletes, teams, rivalries, games and moments that have transformed the sports landscape.

SMGT313X - Parks & Recreation Management

Parks & Recreation Management

SMGT396 - Research in Sport Industry

Using Research in the Sport Industry is designed for students to gain an understanding of the principles, procedures, processes, and types of writing and reports used to answer problems in the Sport Industry. Students will learn to identify, describe, analyze, and report on an issue or problem at their own workplace by drawing on the relevant sport and related literature. Prerequisite: SMGT102, SMGT206 and Junior/Senior standing.

SMGT400X - Major League Lacrosse Internship

Major League Lacrosse Internship

SMGT401 - Special Topics in Sport Management

This course explores special segments and contemporary trends in the sport management industry. Topics may include sports medicine, health promotion, intercollegiate athletics, campus recreation, sport tourism, and international sport.

SMGT403X - Managing Diversity in Sport Org

Managing Diversity in Sport Organizations offers an overview of various diversity and inclusion theories and examines the applications of these theories to sport organizations. Students will study the impact and interconnectedness of diversity issues, social responsiveness, and the financial impact of these issues on professional, intercollegiate, interscholastic, and Olympic sport organizations. Students will also discuss and practice strategies to resolve diversity and inclusion related problems commonly faced by the sport and business manager. In conjunction with Lasell College Connected Learning philosophy, an emphasis will be placed on connecting diversity and concepts and initiatives to the sport and business industries.

SMGT405X - Leisure Theories in Practice

Leisure Theories in Practice

SMGT407 - Sport Management Internship I

The internship provides students with administrative experience in their chosen concentration. Students gain practical experience, enhance skills learned in the classroom, and acquire contacts with professionals in the sports management field. A minimum of 150 hours is required for Sports Management internships. This course includes a seminar which includes: strategies for seeking entry-level employment, long-term career planning and post graduate study options. Prerequisites: SMGT 205 and SMGT 305 . 

SMGT408 - Sport Management Internship II

The internship provides students with additional administrative experience in their chosen concentration. Students gain practical experience, enhance skills learned in the classroom, and acquire contacts with professionals in the sports management field. A minimum of 150 hours is required for Sports Management internships. This course includes a seminar which includes: strategies for seeking entry-level employment, long-term career planning and post graduate study options. Prerequisite: SMGT 407. 

SMGT412X - Sport Analytics

Analytical techniques and quantitative methods are on the rise in many areas of business. They have increasingly made their way into the sports realm. Skills such as critical thinking, mathematical modeling, statistical analysis using Microsoft excel, predictive analytics and optimization are crucial in the data-centric realm. The class seeks to develop and refine these skills in the business application area of sports.

SMGT496 - Sport Management Capstone

This course is a culminating experience designed to provide the student with an opportunity to demonstrate synthesis of knowledge, practice, and skills developed throughout the program of study. Capstone assignments reflect the integration of research methodology, theory, and advanced knowledge in an area of specialization. Students develop a web-portfolio to showcase their work in the Sport Management program. Students incorporate aspects of past course assignments into a reflective thesis paper. Students also participate in a required service learning activity. To be completed in either the fall or spring semester of the final academic year of the student's program. This is a writing intensive course. Prerequisite: SMGT396

Cristina Haverty

Associate Vice President of Workforce Development and Global Engagement/ Professor, Athletic Training

Office: Alexander STC

Lori Rosenthal

Assistant Provost; Professor of Psychology

Office: Plummer

Janice Barrett

Professor of Communication; Chair, Graduate Communication Program

Office: Donahue 108

Keith Belmore

Associate Professor of Athletic Training and Graduate Chair of Athletic Training

Office: Alexander STC 104N

Linda Bucci

Professor & Program Chair of Justice Studies, Graduate Chair of Criminal Justice

Office: Plummer

Sarah Giasullo

Assistant Professor of Athletic Training; Graduate Chair of Health Sciences

Office: Alexander STC 104T

Elizabeth Hartmann

Professor of Education

Office: Brennan Library

Janet Huetteman

Graduate Chair of Management and Marketing; Associate Professor of Marketing

Office: 23 Maple Street, Office #5

Young-Tae Kim

Associate Professor of Sport Management; Graduate Interim Chair of Sport Management

Office: Alexandar STC

Ron Laham

Assistant Professor of Athletic Training/ Exercise Science

Office: Alexander STC

Luis Lopez-Preciado

Associate Professor of Communication

Office: Donahue

Amy Maynard

Professor of Education

Office: Brennan Library

Meryl Perlson

Chair of Communication; Professor of Communication

Office: Donahue 107

Matthew Reilly

Chair of Business and Interim Chair of Sport Management; Assistant Professor of Business

Office: DeArment

Claudia Rinaldi

The Joan Weiler Arnow ’49 Professor/Professor of Education, Chair of Education

Office: Brennan Library

Daniel Sargeant

Associate Professor of Sport Management

Office: Alexander STC

Nancy Waldron

Assistant Provost; Professor of Entrepreneurship and Management

Office: DeArment

Martin Walsh

Professor of Marketing and Management

Office: DeArment

Brian Wardyga

Professor of Communication; General Manager, 109.2FM WLAS & LCTV

Office: Brennan Library, G04F

Edward Weeks

Associate Professor of Justice Studies

Office: Winslow

Catherine Zeek

Professor Emerita

MGMT707 - Operations Strategy

This course involves the study of concepts relating to the operations function in both manufacturing and service organizations. Students study how the operations process is responsible for planning, organizing, and controlling resources in order to effectively and efficiently produce goods and services. Formerly - Operations Management. Formerly MBA716

MGMT722 - Housing & Long-Term Care Options

This course introduces issues related to housing and long-term care options for older adults. The course examines the continuum of care available, including home care, adult day care, assisted living, CCRCs, nursing homes, and general retirement communities.

MGMT743 - Fundraising Concepts & Practices

The world of fundraising has become increasingly complex, and knowledge of the various components of fundraising is now essential for anyone wanting to work and advance in this field. This online course introduces students to every major facets of fundraising: the annual fund, working with volunteers, writing successful proposals and grants, capital campaigns, special events, board relations, donor research, and the legal and ethical responsibilities of nonprofit organizations.