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2017 - 2018 Academic Catalog


The English major introduces students to the aesthetic, communicative, and cultural dimensions of language. Students examine major topics in literature and language; English electives allow students to pursue special interests. English majors choose between a literature and a creative writing concentration. During the senior year, students complete a capstone research or creative writing project, depending on the concentration, and an internship in an area related to the study of English. In all coursework, there is an emphasis on the development of sophisticated writing skills. The English major helps students to prepare for careers involving oral and written communication, language applications, or the analysis of literature. Students in the English major may also prepare to be teachers at the secondary level; students interested in this option follow the program plan for English with Secondary Education Concentration, to ensure that they meet requirements for licensure. Graduates receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

By planning early in consultation with an academic advisor, students may be able to reduce the time it takes to complete a bachelor’s degree in English to 3 or 3½ years.

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