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School of Fashion

Fur Boots

December 01, 2018

Winter Classic- Lady's Carriage Boots 
Fur bootsAt the turn of the 20th century the Industrial Revolution made footwear readily available to varying social classes promoting the function and accessibility of this accessory.  Factories replaced the individual  craftsmanship of cobblers, thus reducing prices. As the Great War changed life in dramatic ways, women were called upon to be independent and physically competent. As a result, footwear became more practical with masculine influences.  

Thayer, McNeil Company Boston, Daniel Green Felt Shoe Co

A variety of materials were used in boot construction including rubber, leather and fur.  Side snaps created easy and wearable closures for fit and practicality. This particular pair of boots includes two labels; The Thayer McNeil Company and The Daniel Green Felt Shoe Company. The Thayer McNeil Company of Boston was established in 1860 and closed after one hundred years in business. The Daniel Green Felt Shoe Company was established in Canastota, New York in 1882, and eventually the business moved to Utica, and then New York City. The primary products were felt inserts for footwear, for both comfort and warmth. Throughout their combined histories, these companies pioneered many stylistic and functional changes in footwear. One can see from this fine example of lady's carriage boots that the  focus centered on both quality and artistry. Certainly, the wedge heel and rubber, leather and fur combination are timeless.    

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