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School of Fashion

Clear Plastic Clutch

April 01, 2019

clear plastic clutchAs curator of the Lasell Fashion Collection,  I have the wonderful opportunity to meet many donors  while learning about their stories associated with wearable objects. This beautiful purse belonged to my colleague's mother who was a prominent and glamourous woman. In fact, we have a number of items from this donor which have greatly enhanced our purse collection with classic representations of style from the mid-20th century.

Current trends continue to focus on second hand shopping as a sustainable way to obtain a stylish wardrobe. In fact, this clear plastic clutch studded with rhinestones from the 1950s is considered "Modern Fresh" for Spring 2019 as transparent accessories make a lighthearted and youthful comeback.   

Keep your eyes open for key vintage pieces that can add a modern twist to personal style.

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