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2014 - 2015 Academic Catalog


Students who are preparing for careers in education will find a variety of opportunities at the college. Each program integrates understanding of learning processes, professional skills, and broad-based knowledge of content in the specific field.

Lasell College’s connected-learning approach is incorporated through curriculum based on current practice and research, diverse field-based experiences, and supportive faculty-student relationships. Students in licensure programs take many courses which embed service-learning, beginning with ED 110, Teaching and Learning in American Schools, and culminating in the practicum/student teaching experience in the senior year. Each program culminates in a capstone experience that features practice-based research with problems arising from and explored in classroom teaching.

Lasell offers state-approved licensure programs at early childhood, elementary, and secondary levels, as well as a non-licensure curriculum & instruction option. Majors and concentrations offered in the department include the following:

Early Childhood Licensure (Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 2)

Elementary Licensure (Grades 1-6)

Secondary Licensure (Grades 8-12)


Students in any of the education programs must meet department standards for progress in their major. To enter and continue in any education program, students must maintain  a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.75 and earn at least a B- in each ED course required for the major or concentration. In addition to the GPA and grade requirements, students must fulfill the prerequisite of passing both Communication & Literacy subtests of the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) prior to enrollment in any junior-level courses required for an education program. Prior to enrollment in all senior-level ED courses, licensure students must meet the GPA and minimum grade requirements and pass all required MTEL tests. (Some individual courses have additional pre-requisites.)

The Education Department also offers a Master of Education Degree with two areas of concentration:  Elementary Education and Moderate Disabilities. Students may be eligible to earn a masters degree in one of these fields through a fifth-year program. The Graduate Program is described elsewhere in the catalog.