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2016 - 2017 Academic Catalog


Designed for the working professional who wants to focus on a particular area of study, the certificate provides a substantial base that can be used for career advancement or continuation in Lasell's Master of Science in Management Program. Each certificate is composed of five three-credit courses and can be completed within nine months.

Candidates to the certificate programs must hold a bachelor's degree and submit an application for study in the graduate program along with all necessary documents.

Course Code Course Title Credits
Core Courses
MGMT740 Consumer Behavior 3
MGMT741 Marketing Research 3
MGMT744 Global Marketing 3

The certificate program is structured as follows:

  • 15 credits are required for a graduate certificate.

Cristina Haverty

Dean, School of Health Sciences; Professor of Athletic Training

Office: Science and Technology Center

Lori Rosenthal

Dean, School of Humanities, Education, Justice & Social Sciences; Professor of Psychology

Office: Plummer

Janice Barrett

Professor of Communication; Chair, Graduate Communication Program

Office: Donahue 108

Keith Belmore

Associate Professor of Athletic Training and Program Director of Athletic Training

Office: STC 104N

Linda Bucci

Professor & Program Chair of Justice Studies, Graduate Program Chair of Criminal Justice

Office: Plummer

Sarah Giasullo

Assistant Professor of Athletic Training, Coordinator of Clinical Education and Internships for Athletic Training and Exercise Science

Office: STC 104T

Elizabeth Hartmann

Professor of Education

Office: Brennan Library

Janet Huetteman

Associate Professor of Marketing, Graduate Program Chair for MBA/Management

Office: 23 Maple Street, Office #5

Young-Tae Kim

Associate Professor of Sport Management

Office: Science and Technology Center

Ron Laham

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science

Office: Science and Technology Center

Luis Lopez-Preciado

Associate Professor of Communication

Office: Donahue

Amy Maynard

Associate Professor of Education

Office: Brennan Library

Meryl Perlson

Professor of Communication, Program Chair of Communication

Office: Donahue 107

Karin Raye

Assistant Professor of Legal Studies

Office: 70 Maple/IC3

Matthew Reilly

Dean of the School of Business, Assistant Professor of Marketing

Office: DeArment

Claudia Rinaldi

The Joan Weiler Arnow ’49 Professor/Professor of Education, Program Chair of Education

Office: Brennan Library

Daniel Sargeant

Associate Professor of Sport Management, Graduate Program Coordinator of Sport Management

Office: Science and Technology Center

Nancy Waldron

Professor of Marketing; Program Chair of Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and International Business

Office: DeArment

Martin Walsh

Professor of Management

Office: DeArment

Brian Wardyga

Professor of Communication; General Manager, 109.2FM WLAS & LCTV

Office: Brennan Library, G04F

Edward Weeks

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Office: Winslow

Catherine Zeek

Professor Emerita

MGMT740 - Consumer Behavior

This course explores how and why consumers behave the way they do. Consumers can be indi­vidual households buying goods and services for their own consumption or they can be buyers in industrial and other business-related markets. The course takes an interdisciplinary, in-depth approach to the study of buyer behavior.

MGMT741 - Marketing Research

This course provides an understanding of the theory and the methods of marketing research through class discussions and project work. The emphasis in this course is on marketing research as an aid to management decision making.

MGMT744 - Global Marketing

The purpose of this course is to explore the nature of marketing in a global context. This includes the decision of extending or adapting domestic marketing strategies for use abroad and the special demands of managing the marketing functions globally. Major emphasis is on devel­oping global marketing strategies. However, the course also addresses issues of importance to entrepreneurs just entering global markets.