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2024 - 2025 Student Handbook

Residential Life

Edwards Student Center, x2124,

Living on campus is a rewarding part of the Lasell University experience.  The Residential Life staff members are committed to fostering an atmosphere in the living residential communities that will enhance the emotional and social growth of the students residing there.  Students must be physically and emotionally healthy to live in the residential community, and all resident students must live within the guidelines set out in this Handbook.  Any student deemed to pose a threat to themselves or to other members of the Lasell community may not be permitted to remain in residence.  

The staff in the residence buildings consists of Area Coordinators and Resident Assistants.  Resident Assistants (RAs) are student staff members with at least sophomore standing.  Every resident student will have an RA on their floor, wing or house who is assigned to them.  There are currently 40 Resident Assistants on campus.  Area Coordinators (ACs) are professional staff members who live on campus in residential buildings.  The ACs are responsible for supervising the RAs, and working with them to create a healthy, supportive, and educational environment in the residential communities.

Residential Living
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