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2024 - 2025 Student Handbook

Acceptable Use of Information Technology

Lasell University and Lasell Village (Lasell) maintains information technology and services which are essential to the mission of these organizations. All employees (including student employees), students and residents of Lasell University and Lasell Village, guests, and affiliates of Lasell (Lasell Community) are obliged to use the information technology appropriately and lawfully and maintain the University's values of integrity, honesty, and ethical decision making. Upon acceptance of your account information and agreement to follow these procedures, you will be granted access to Lasell's information technology.

Some departments on campus may have additional policies and procedures that apply to the use of information technology within those departments. In addition to this Acceptable Use of Information Technology Systems document, the use of these information technologies is governed by the Student and Employee Handbooks, Written Information Security Plan, Record Retention and Disposition Policy, and all other University policies and procedures.


These procedures apply to all users of information technology resources owned or managed by Lasell University and/or Lasell Village. Individuals covered by the document include (but are not limited to) Lasell full-time and adjunct faculty, staff, students, Lasell Village residents, guests or agents of the administration, external individuals, and organizations accessing network services via Lasell University's information technology facilities.