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Final Day of the Friendship Four

November 30, 2019

Hockey players celebrating

Today is the final day of the Friendship Four Ice Hockey Tournament and we are extremely excited to see which team will take home the Bell Pot. Today's matchups included Princeton versus UNH in the consolation game, and Northeastern and Colgate in the championship game.

We began the day a little late allowing some of us to catch up on some much-needed sleep! For breakfast we ventured to Oh! Donuts and the Belfast Christmas Market for a light breakfast, enjoying some homemade donuts and delicious crepes. 
We arrived at the SSE Odyssey Ice Arena around 2pm to prepare for the games. Athletic training students Gillian, Abby, Renee, and Kaylee headed down to the ice to join the head athletic trainers of Princeton, Colgate, and Northeastern while the exercise science students climbed up to the Suite 7 on the VIP level to take stats for the games. 

After the consolation game between UNH and Princeton in which UNH won in a tight 3-2 game, it was time for the finals. This game in particular sold out the entire Odyssey Arena which holds 11,000 spectators. Northeastern, the #12 team in the country faced off against the Colgate Raiders at 7 p.m. The Huskies, who were favored to win, ending up taking home the Bell Pot for Boston after beating the Raiders 4-3. We all enjoyed watching the intense game as well as the closing ceremonies that followed the game's finish.

Meanwhile, at the West Lounge, Professor Ron Laham and Dean Cris Haverty spent time with Mayor Marty Walsh and networking with corporate sponsors and politicians about Lasell University and our amazing trip to Belfast. 

It was a great way to end our sixth day here in Belfast and we're looking forward to the Black Taxi Tour around the city tomorrow morning to learn about its rich history and culture!

Mayor Marty Walsh and Professor Haverty

Hockey players on Belfast hockey rink Belfast Hockey Rink