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Study Abroad

Sisters Take On London

March 18, 2019

One of my favorite times while studying abroad in London was when my sister came to the UK. She visited me for a couple of days during Thanksgiving break. It was the best 5 days I had with my sister. My favorite experience was when my sister and I went on a day trip to Harry Potter studios and Oxford, London. Going to the Harry Potter studios was the best birthday gift for my sister, because I had missed her birthday when I was in London and I wanted to do something special with her. I booked a trip through international friends and we were able to get in. 

When we got to the location, I was so excited again to go inside and see it. This was going to be the second time for me to see it, but this time my sister was with me and she likes Harry Potter even more than me. When we got inside, I was so overwhelmed seeing it again. After security and walking to the main entrance of the building, our tour group was brought into an movie theater room. In this room they played a clip of Harry Potter, Hermione, and Ron. When the clip ended, they lifted up the screen and we saw the doors of the Great Hall. During that time I looked at my sisters face to see her reaction. She was excited just like me. The doors opened right into the Great Hall and it was incredible to see. I was actually surprised because the hall was narrow and long but on screen it was huge and much bigger. In the hall there were two of the long tables out with fake food on it to show the setting of what it would have looked like. Since Christmas was right around the corner, they had Christmas trees put up and everything was all decorated, just like in some of the scenes when it was Christmas time in the films. After that room we saw so many other things from the movies like the invisible car, their booms sticks, wands, hats, wigs, the train, 9 ¾ sign, behind the scenes of how they created the magic, Harry Potter's house and even some of the rooms where they filmed scenes and so much more.

After all that we went back on the bus and headed to Oxford. We learned a lot about Oxford University and of J. K. Rowling's ideas put into Harry Potter. The best fun fact we learned was that there was a lightning bolt on the ground carved into a concrete block to represent the electricity box under it and that's how she got the idea for the scar on Harry's forehead. We also learned about the robes at the school and how the students actually wear them. For example, when students graduate from the university they wear short robes but then change into floor length robes to represent that they're graduating. When we were heading out to get back onto the bus, there was a festival and many booths out so people could sell their products. It was the best day ever, just my sister and me. I had not seen her in 2 months so it was so great seeing her for that weekend. I will always remember that day.