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Study Abroad

Good Tips for Europe

January 08, 2019

Studying abroad was one of the most exciting experiences in my life. Every day I would wake up to the view of the Swiss Alps and think to myself how exciting it was to be in another country so far from my home in the US. During the four months I was away, I got the opportunity to experience six different countries. Here is a list of the best experiences from each:


The scenery here is unbeatable. There is no place that I have ever visited that quite matches the natural beauty that Switzerland can provide. From the crystal clear glacier water to the open farm lands reaching as far as the eye can see, only to be interrupted by the staggering Alps, there was no shortage of breathe taking spots.


Food. Food. Food. Food. (and wine). When you hear people talk about how nice the food in Italy is, it is easy to drown it out because of how often you hear people say that. Well they aren't lying. Some of the best pasta and pizza on the planet. Another great thing I got to see a lot of was ancient ruins of the Roman Empire. It was fascinating to see a society with such tradition so close and for such an extended period of time.


The only time I was in Germany was for a weekend in September for their annual Oktoberfest in Munich. Munich was a beautiful city. I got to do a bike tour around the entire city which brought us from the German government buildings all around until we reached the beer tents. Every fall nearly 6 million people come to Munich to celebrate Oktoberfest by drinking LOTS and LOTS of tasty German beer. For the month or so the festival is going on Munich is a nonstop party city.


The Netherlands was really fun because I got to meet some other friends who were studying abroad that I knew from home and from Lasell. We were there for a weekend and the group of us spent the weekend exploring the city streets and taking boat tours along the canals. When in Amsterdam, you have to make sure you rent a bike and join the locals riding around. The street food that Amsterdam had was also delicious.

United Kingdom:

In London, I felt like I was back in the US. It was great to finally hear a familiar language, even though they had an accent. My one recommendation would be to use the Underground system to get around the city and make sure you take advantage of the day passes that they have. They are well worth the roughly $20 it costs for the day and it's the easiest way to get around the city and make sure you can pack everything into a busy weekend.