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Study Abroad

Following My Dream to Study in Italy

April 03, 2023

Why did you choose to study abroad?

Studying abroad was something I had dreamt about doing since I was a little girl. When I thought about going to college I always associated it with having the opportunity to study abroad. When I came to Lasell and saw they had an opportunity to study abroad in Italy I knew it was something I wanted to do. Fast forward to my sophomore year, I began to make decisions about where I wanted to study abroad but this was at the height of Covid- 19.

Students will typically study abroad in the fall or spring of their Junior year, but because of the pandemic I only had the option to study abroad in the fall of my Senior year. Despite this not being common and having to move around my schedule, I knew that this was something I had always dreamt of doing and had to do whatever I needed to do to make sure I had this opportunity.

How has your experiences abroad had an impact or provided more value to your Lasell experience?

Studying abroad was by far the best part of my college experience. Lasel is a small community tucked away in a suburban campus, so I was excited to have a change of scenery and see what the rest of the world had to offer. While abroad I gained a number of skills that I have been able to apply while being back at Lasell as well as applying them post-graduation.

After studying abroad I am more independent, adaptable, strong, and open minded. This opportunity has allowed me to learn how to work for something you want no matter how difficult it may be. No matter what it takes to follow your dream, it is possible and you can reach your goals.

student in florence

student in florence

student in florence

student in florence