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2021 - 2022 Academic Catalog

Journalism Minor

The Journalism minor consists of six courses.

Course Code Course Title Credits
Core Courses
ARTS219 Digital Photography I 3
COM101 Understanding Mass Media 3
COM209 Journalism 3
COM306 Broadcast Journalism 3
COM314 Magazine and Digital Content 3
COM324 Investigative and Beat Reporting 3

Credit Requirements for minor: 18 credits.

ARTS219 - Digital Photography I

This course provides an introduction to the basic concepts of digital imaging as applied to Photography. Students combine traditional photographic methods with the latest digital techniques, using image manipulation software, scanning equipment and other computer-based tools. Students are responsible for providing their own digital camera.

COM101 - Understanding Mass Media

This course surveys the theories, history, economics, audience, and regulations of the major forms of mass media, including newspapers, magazines, motion pictures, radio, television, and new electronic communication. Students develop a basic understanding of the roles of mass media and their effects on society and the individual. The course focuses on the relationship between mass media and society, so students can identify current trends that are changing the nature and function of traditional mass communication. Students examine and debate many current controversial issues concerning the mass media and their effects on our society and culture. Students discuss significant aspects of mass communication, including ethics and policy formulation that are playing key roles in the materialization of a new global communication era.

COM209 - Journalism

Journalism is a fast changing industry and this course prepares students for the change. Students learn to report and produce a variety of news and feature pieces, for print and multi-media platforms, including Q and A interviews, news and feature stories, opinion pieces, reviews, photo galleries, social media campaigns and more. Assignments can be produced on sports, fashion, entertainment, arts and culture, business, politics and more. Students have the opportunity to publish their work in The 1851 Chronicle newspaper and website. Prerequisite: WRT102

COM306 - Broadcast Journalism

This class introduces students to the basic skills in writing for radio and TV news, including beat reporting, writing, interviewing, and editing. Students critically evaluate newscasts and are introduced to the components of producing them. They also examine ethical challenges that arise when manipulation of images and sound can distort reality and compromise journalistic integrity. Prerequisite: COM 209

COM314 - Magazine and Digital Content

The magazine industry is evolving from print only to multi-media and digital. The skills needed to produce this type of content are also changing. This course focuses on producing feature and entertainment-oriented content across platforms, including print, video, digital and social media. Students engage in connected learning projects and produce photo galleries and videos, blogs and podcasts, as well as the creation of an original magazine and a social media campaign to build its brand. Writing is emphasized as students improve their skills across platforms, learn to target audiences, and curate content. Students will write profiles, reviews, and 1st person columns, among other projects. Students will also be encouraged to submit feature work to The 1851 Chronicle website as well as Polished and Tarnished Magazines. Prerequisite: COM209.

COM324 - Investigative and Beat Reporting

This course requires students to do the work of the field by covering a campus or community beat like a professional reporter. Students learn how to come up with unique and powerful story ideas, how to cultivate sources, and how to tell stories across all platforms, such as print, digital, video and social media. This class also teaches students how to do the work of an investigative journalist, as portrayed in the Oscar winning “Spotlight” film. Students work in teams to research important campus issues to uncover the truth and produce multi-media packages to tell their stories. The course also examines global journalism trends. Prerequisite: COM209