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2021 - 2022 Academic Catalog


The School of Fashion at Lasell University delivers comprehensive and innovative fashion curricula across three programs -- Fashion Design and Production, Fashion Media and Marketing, and Fashion Merchandising and Management -- 360 degrees of fashion!  

  Our fashion programs prepare aspiring fashion designers and professionals for dynamic careers in the fashion industry, while also fostering intellectual and personal growth, leadership development, and responsible citizenship.    

  With a focus on Lasell’s Connected Learning philosophy which prioritizes ‘learning by doing’ and a strong emphasis on Career Readiness, School of Fashion students engage in a wide variety of experiential learning, including internships, service programs, and other real-world field experience. Hands-on training and strategic use of relevant industry-related technologies keep students at the forefront of what powers the industry.  

 Fashion students are also involved in a myriad of fashion programming to further engage beyond the classroom, including but not limited to DECA, Fashion Career Accelerator, Lasell Fashion Collection, National Retail Federation (NRF) Student Association, Paris Immersion Program, POLISHED Magazine, RUNWAY, School of Fashion Graduate and Professional Studies, studio1851, Study Abroad, and more.  

School of Fashion faculty are working in, connected to and engaged in our local fashion industry and well beyond – something they readily share with students, facilitating ample industry exposure and networking opportunities. Fashion Faculty also mentor, guide, and advise Fashion students throughout the process of their education and into their professional life.  

Students in the School of Fashion leave their respective programs with a well-balanced education, a strong fashion industry awareness, a burgeoning network, a professional portfolio, and strategic and tactical skills and knowledge for application in the fashion industry.  

Learn more about the Fashion majors: