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News and Entertainment Marketing Students Go Behind the Scenes at ABC

December 15, 2022

Video by Will Marshall '25 (videographer and editor), Kelly Russell '23 (executive producer), Rayana Petrone '23 (executive producer), and Ciarra Chasse '23 (graphics)

Lasell University’s News and Entertainment Marketing course was taught this semester by Senior Vice President of Marketing and Creative at ABC News, Alan Ives. In November, the class took an immersive trip to New York City to meet with industry professionals and get an inside look at entertainment production, interactive design, and news marketing. The group visited the sets of “Good Morning America” and “The View,” took a tour of ABC, and sat in on editing and graphic design production sessions with members of Ives’ creative team. They also met with Sarah Weldon, senior editor at Yahoo!, and visited the Museum of Modern Art to take in an exhibit on interactive design.

Lasell Professor of Communication Meryl Perlson described the trip as the perfect example of the University’s educational philosophy. “I think it is the manifestation of everything we desire for Connected Learning,” she said. “Not only did students learn throughout the course from a seasoned professional, but they were also able to visit sites, learn current practices, and hear reflections on the state of the industry.” 

Ives began teaching at Lasell after several guest speaker appearances at the University’s annual career panels for the School of Communication & the Arts. As a guest instructor, he bridged his professional experience with the course’s curriculum to support students in their exploration of entertainment media marketing. He frequently invited guests, including journalists, marketing executives, producers, creative directors, news correspondents, and anchors, to join course discussions. He loved working with Lasell students and was impressed with the assortment of skills they brought to class. 

“I love hanging with the students,” he said. “They have such an incredible range and diversity of interests and areas of excellence, and that doesn’t happen at every school.” 

Students felt similarly about working with Ives. Will Marshall ’25, a communications major, is grateful to have been taught by Ives and for the accompanying industry exposure.

“Making the connection to Alan and his team was priceless,” he said. “To have had him review and critique my work and give his insights has been nothing short of amazing."

Lasell University students behind the "Good Morning America" desk