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Lasell Intramurals Launches Women’s Two-Hand Touch League

February 27, 2023

Conner Peters ’21 G’23, graduate assistant for intramurals and recreation, successfully launched a women’s two-hand touch football league this semester. Interest grew throughout the fall; Peters noticed the crowds at men’s league games and “wanted to deliver” on the request for an equivalent league for women. Six teams participated in the most recent competition. 

LU Flag Football Women's Team 2023Lea Cabral ’24 and her roommates were ecstatic to see a league of their own. She enjoyed the whole process — finding teammates, making a team name, customizing jerseys … and winning the tournament. “It was a blast,” she says. “It’s all fun and games, but every team that goes out there is also determined to win which makes it more entertaining.” 

Intramurals at Lasell University are traditionally co-ed, but Peters has taken initiative this year in providing more options for students seeking gendered leagues. He plans on introducing another two-hand touch league, women’s basketball, a home run derby, and soccer events, in addition to new ideas from the community in the spring semester.

“Communication is key, as well as understanding what our students want,” he says. “As a former undergraduate student at Lasell and now a graduate student, I try to put myself in their shoes.” He tries his best, he adds, to provide activities that keep students involved while understanding their many other responsibilities and obligations.