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Following the Facts

January 20, 2021

Michael B. Alexander, President of Lasell University Arun Rath, NPR Reporter and GBH News Host' Tim Ritchie, President, Boston's Museum of Science Anne Doyle, Lasell Village President

Lasell University, in partnership with GBH, the Museum of Science, and Lasell Village, will host a webinar, “Following the Facts: How Science Helps Communities Stay Safe in the Age of COVID-19,” on Thursday, January 28, 2020 at 11 AM.

The renowned group of panelists includes Lasell President Michael B. Alexander, NPR reporter and host of GBH’s “In It Together,” Arun Rath, Museum of Science President Tim Ritchie, and Lasell Village President Anne Doyle. The webinar will explore the group’s efforts to engage diverse constituencies with clear scientific information in the midst of a pandemic. The panelists will also share how their institutions and communities have pivoted in response to quickly evolving challenges presented by COVID-19.