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Community Spotlight: Brennan Library with Anna Sarneso

October 06, 2022

Group of students studying

Lasell University’s Brennan Library offers access to hundreds of thousands of items including books, movies, eBooks, audiobooks, streaming video, and more. Any student can access the library's online resources 24 hours a day from a number of platforms, including on campus and remotely. The library has plenty of resources to offer to all our Lasell community and friendly staff members like Library Director, Anna Sarneso, are eager and willing to help every student succeed. 

What kind of resources does the library offer?

The library has so many resources, both physical and digital. The library has access to over 100 databases, where students can access articles from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals, newspapers, and magazines, as well as eBooks and streaming videos. They also have books, magazines, and DVDs that students can check out in person.  Additionally, there is equipment that can be lend to students like phone chargers, headphones, computer chargers, and laptops.  A Library of Things that includes cornhole, playing cards, colored pencils, and Cards Against Humanity, and many other items is also available. 

If a student is looking for assistance on a research project, how would they go about asking for help? 

Librarians love helping students with research projects, whether it's choosing a topic, searching for and then evaluating articles, or formatting citations. You can drop by the research desk in the library from 8:30-4:30 Monday-Friday for immediate help, or you can email, call 617-243-2244, or text 617-475-3636. The library also has an instant messaging system that you can access by clicking the Chat with a Librarian button on the library's homepage.  Staff can set up appointments to meet with students in person or via Zoom. 

What is the Laser Search tool? 

Laser Search, the main search bar on the library homepage, searches almost all of the databases, so it is the best place for students to start their research.

What is the Laptop lending program and how does it work? 

The library has both PC laptops and MacBook that students can check out for a semester if they don't have their own laptop or if their laptop breaks. Once all of the laptops are checked out, a waitlist is created for students to be able to borrow them as they are returned.   

If a student is unable to buy a certain textbook, how can the library help when it comes to being able to access it? 

If a professor puts their textbook on reserve, then students can access it at the library. Students can ask at the library desk to borrow the book -- they are organized by the professor's last name, so if you know that, the process will go more smoothly -- and then they check it out using their Lasell ID, which is their library card. Textbooks and other items on reserve must stay in the library. Students can check out a textbook to use in the library for two hours at a time. Additionally, librarians can see if another library in our network has a copy of the book for you to borrow.   

What are some of the best features that Brennan library has to offer that some students may not know about? 

Brennan Library has so many ways to help students. Librarians are here to help you with your research for papers, presentations, or group projects. You can book a study room for individual or group study. You can check out equipment like calculators or headphones to help with your studying. You can also use Brennan Library to help you have fun and relax by checking out lawn games, board games, playing cards, or art supplies. The library has a collection of new, fun reading material on the first floor, and they can also help you order books, DVDs, and more from other libraries in our network.

How can a student book a study room? 

A student can book a study room by clicking on the Book a Study Room button on the library website. They will click on the date and time that they want to reserve the room and then fill out a form that tells the library staff their name and email address. 

Does the library offer any work study programs?

The library does hire student workers.  Our student workers help us to run the library, especially on evenings and weekends, and we have between 10-15 student workers each semester. If you are interested in an application, please email