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Undergraduate Admission

Vanessa Wehbe

Student profile picture

Hometown and State:
Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Fashion Retail and Merchandising

What activities are you or have been involved in (clubs, activities, athletics, etc.)?

  • Leadership Scholar
  • Lasell College Women's Rugby
  • Multicultural Student Union
  • Fashion Connections
  • Peer Mentor
  • Peer Advisor
  • Circle K International - Vice President

Any internship you may have done or are looking to do?
I just got an internship working for the Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs in Newton, doing social media marketing. I am also looking to get an internship over the summer working with a marketing department to get experience in the field.   

Why did you choose Lasell?
I chose Lasell because of its location, small class sizes, and networking opportunities.

What is your favorite Connected Learning project/experience so far?
My favorite Connected Learning experience has been attending the Connected Learning Symposium. It is so interesting to see all the different displays, exhibitions, and performances done by Lasell students. It is especially enjoyable when members from the Lasell Village Community are involved because they bring a totally different perspective than regular students. The Symposium is a fun and interactive way to see the work that students and faculty have been working on for the semester.    

What is your favorite Lasell event or tradition?
The passing down of the torch. My first year, I was fortunate enough to have a torch passed down to me and it was such a special moment. Participating in the walk around campus is both emotional and exciting for the seniors who have come to the end of their time at Lasell, and being a part of that was very special.

What is your favorite class so far and why?
So far, my favorite class has been Econ101. This is my favorite because Professor Agwa made the class enjoyable and easy to learn.

What has been your favorite memory so far at Lasell?
So far, my favorite memory at Lasell has been being a part of the Leadership Scholar Program. Being a part of a group on campus that has the same thing in common is great. I have made great friends and connections from it.

What was it about Lasell that interested you?
The small class sizes, beautiful campus, easy connections with faculty and staff, and proximity to the city

How did you decide that Lasell was right for you?
The deciding factor for me coming to Lasell was in my acceptance letter, although all the letters I got from multiple colleges pretty much looked the same, Lasell's was personalized. In my application essay, I spoke about my grandmother and how much she means to me and how she has had a huge impact on who I am today. In the acceptance letter I received from Lasell, there was a note at the way bottom that was personalized with a nod to my grandmother, that is what made me feel right in choosing Lasell.

If you could tell a prospective student why they should come to Lasell, what would you say?
I would advise prospective students to come to Lasell for many reasons, but one thing that I would advocate the most is the opportunities that Lasell provides to its students. In my time at Lasell, I have been presented numerous opportunities to advance my social, academic, and professional life. Due to Connected Learning and the effort that professors put into building relationships with students, students are able to build a solid foundation for their journey into the working world.