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Undergraduate Admission

Micayla Carroll

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Hometown: Plymouth, MA

Major: Entrepreneurship

I'm a 27-year-old Marine Corps veteran and when my husband and I decided to move back to Massachusetts, I wanted to utilize my G.I. Bill benefits to their full potential and finish my education. I had attended a residential college straight out of high school, but after my first year I realized I wasn't ready to dive back into academia. Fast-forwarding to my time in the Corps, I began to take classes again that were offered on base and at a local community college. After I completed my tour of duty, I had a much different outlook on education as an adult looking for the next step in my life. I was determined to find a school that was the right fit for me, not just because of the pressure that college is "what you're supposed to do" after high school.

During my search, I found Lasell and was immediately intrigued because this school is one of the few that even offers a Bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurship at all. I'd always been interested in the business world and potentially starting my own in the future, and after taking a look at the degree program and the types of classes offered, I had a strong feeling that Lasell was the right choice. I was also very drawn to the fact that Lasell is a quaint, community-based school that focuses on connected learning with small class sizes and engaged instructors.

What finally solidified my decision to attend Lasell was not only did they accept the great majority of my transfer credits and offer me a generous Dean's Scholarship, but the process of registering with my G.I. Bill was a breeze! The Registrar and Student Accounts offices were so helpful when I was getting started and continue to be available and receptive whenever I have questions.

As an older commuter student, I don't often attend many campus activities, but it is not for a lack of events or promotion. Although, I do hope to pursue the opening of a Student Veterans of America chapter at Lasell in order to better connect my fellow veterans with more resources and to make the transition for future student veterans at Lasell even smoother.