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Undergraduate Admission

Henry Santana

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Hometown: Born in the Dominican Republic, grew up in Boston, MA

Major: Secondary Education and History

Minor: Political Science

Why did you choose your major at Lasell? What would you like to do after graduating?
I would like to become an educator at a school, then become a head of school and eventually go into politics to advocate for educational policies

What was it that brought you to Lasell, particularly in regard to your major?
The head of the education program and I connected and I saw a real future with lots of resources at this school. The fact that the education program was small also attracted me here as I wanted to build close relationships with my professors.

What activities are you involved in or have been involved in (clubs, activities, athletics, etc.)? 
Student government, class committee (VP), Education Grant

Any internship you may have done?
Obama Foundation Peer Mentor, Phillips Brook House Association (Camp director of the Mission Hill Summer Program).

Favorite class you have taken at Lasell and why?
I loved taking my FYS Inequalities class my freshmen year. Going to a school as a black man with a majority of the student being white and females was interesting. I was able to connect to people I never knew I would. I was also able to share my experiences as a black man in America and the responses I got from the class made me feel hopeful that there are good people out there. This class was the foundation for how comfortable I feel on campus today.

What do you like to do off campus or in Boston?
I live in Boston so I visit my family and friends, love going to the movie, bowling, and exploring the city.

Do you have an interesting story or great memory from Lasell that you would be willing to share?
I originally came to this school as a commuter from Boston because I was convinced that I was only going to go to Lasell for one semester and at the very most one year and then transfer. I fell in love with the professors and the people on campus. After my first semester at Lasell, I decided to live on campus and dedicate my college years to Lasell because I was happy and impressed with what it had to offer.