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Undergraduate Admission

Eryn Sheeley '24

Minor: Fashion Media and Marketing

Female fashion major in black shirt - The fashion program has pushed me to become a better person in my professional and personal life.


Why did you choose Lasell?

I am a student athlete (Softball) so that was a big part of my decision, but I also liked the class sizes and the size of the campus. I knew that I didn’t just want to be a seat in a classroom. I wanted to have a relationship with my professors. Lasell really provided that feeling of comfort, especially balancing being a student and an athlete.

How has the Fashion program at Lasell provided you with opportunities for growth?

The fashion program is one of the best programs here at Lasell. Every professor is on your side and willing to help you every step of the way, whether it’s getting involved in other activities outside of the classroom or extra help on an assignment. I can honestly say that they are your biggest cheerleaders and will be in your corner every step of the way.

For the students, everyone is striving towards one goal of being successful and learning everything that they can to be applied to the real world. There is never any competition of who can do what better or who has succeeded more in their life. It’s all about working together to make strides in the classroom or in your life. I have met so many people in the classroom that I now consider great friends and will always have them by my side.

What is one experience you’ve had within the classroom that you were instantly able to apply?

I work with the studio1851 team, a student run retail store here on campus that has provided such great insight into how the skills in the classroom can be applied to a real life business scenario.

Have you done any internships?

I interned at Dick's Sporting Goods as an Intern Buyer with the Licensed Soccer Department, NHL, and F1. I was able to analyze customer-facing sustainability trends in retail, participate in brainstorming meetings, and learn data skills and software.

Please describe in one sentence how the Fashion program is positively influencing you.

Throughout the past four years here at Lasell, the fashion program has pushed me to become a better person in my professional and personal life, but also has made me learn that putting yourself out there is how opportunities arise for you to become one step closer to where you see yourself in this life.