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2020 - 2021 Academic Catalog

Photography Minor

The Photography Minor minor consists of six courses.

Course Code Course Title Credits
Core Courses
ARTS110 Traditions & Methods of Art Photography 3
ARTS219 Digital Photography I 3
ARTS319 Digital Photography II 3
Choose 2 from the following:
COM229 Photojournalism 3
FASH306 Fashion Styling for Photography 3
GRAP322 Photography for Design 3
Choose 1 from the following:
ARTS126 Fundamentals of Visual Art (KP) 3
GRAP307 Motion Graphics 3

Credit Requirements for minor: 18 credits.

ARTS110 - Traditions & Methods of Art Photography

This course focuses on photography as an art form, introducing students to the history of the practice, its most significant practitioners and their work, as well as techniques and methodologies of art photography. The course will combine both survey and studio teaching approaches so that students have the opportunity to immediately put into practice newly acquired knowledge and skills.

ARTS219 - Digital Photography I

This course provides an introduction to the basic concepts of digital imaging as applied to Photography. Students combine traditional photographic methods with the latest digital techniques, using image manipulation software, scanning equipment and other computer-based tools. Students are responsible for providing their own digital camera.

ARTS319 - Digital Photography II

This course involves the study of the graphic image and how visual messages are used in a diverse media. This is an advanced photography course with an emphasis on technical methods. Hands-on studio projects give the student skills that contribute to thoughtful and effective communication. Prerequisite: ARTS219 Digital Photography I.

COM229 - Photojournalism

This is an introductory course in photojournalism that will touch on basic photography skills (composition, focus, subject, and angle), but is not strictly a photography class. This course will use two methods of learning: one is a hands-on, connected learning where students will tell stories through cameras and video; and another is a survey approach, through reading, discussion, lectures, journals, and multimedia presentations which illustrate photojournalism history and current trends. The class supports the college’s minor in photography as well as the communication’s department concentration in journalism and media writing. In an effort to make the course accessible to students from all departments across campus, the first few weeks of the class will provide readings, lecture, and discussion on the background and history of the journalism field.

FASH306 - Fashion Styling for Photography

Fashion Photo Styling is designed to provide fashion designers, stylists, and merchandisers with an understanding of the conventions and visual traditions of fashion photography. The principles of lighting are discussed particularly as it relates to the creation of mood and image. An exploration of the history of fashion photography familiarizes students with its various visual traditions and styles. The relationship between marketing principles and the determination of style in the context of image usage are explored. Regular photo shoots provide students with hands-on experience of image creation.

GRAP322 - Photography for Design

This course will emphasize graphic design workflows that use photography as key elements of design. Students will deepen their understanding of shooting for design outcomes, exploring product shot staging and lighting, working with models, props and sets. In turn, they will add to their image editing, compositing and layout skills by working with their photos using a powerful digital toolset. Prerequisites: ARTS219 Digital Photography I and ARTS319 Digital Photography II or instructor approval.

ARTS126 - Fundamentals of Visual Art (KP)

This course is an introduction to the basic principles and strategies for visual art-making and art appreciation, with an emphasis on developing an awareness and sensitivity to art as an integral part of one's life and as a way to complement one's aesthetic needs. This is a lecture course with studio art-making modules designed to complement visual material, critical essays, museum/gallery trips and impart basic skills in visual communication.

GRAP307 - Motion Graphics

In this course, students develop conceptual and visual problem-solving skills as they relate to motion studies and time-based art. Through demonstrations, studio sessions and critiques students create portfolio-quality animation and motion study projects.