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2020 - 2021 Academic Catalog

Human Resources Minor

The Human Resources minor consists of six courses. Social Science majors must select at least three courses with a BUSS designation, and Business majors must select at least three courses with a PSYC or SOC designation. No student can count more than three courses already required for their major or another minor toward the Human Resources minor.

Course Code Course Title Credits
Core Courses
BUSS224 Org Behavior in the Global Workplace 3
BUSS336 Human Resource Management 3
PSYC345 Assessment of Individual Differences 3
Choose 3 from the following:
BUSS205 Business Law 3
BUSS235 Ethics in Business 3
BUSS330 Managing Change in a Global Marketplace 3
COM308 Conflict Resolution & Negotiations 3
PSYC202 Psychology of Personality 3
PSYC218 Dynamics of Small Groups 3
PSYC220 Social Psychology 3
SOC301 Race & Ethnicity 3

Social Science majors are encouraged to do at least a one-semester internship in a Human Resources or Human Resources-related setting.

Credit Requirements for minor: 18 credits

BUSS224 - Org Behavior in the Global Workplace

In this course, students study individuals and their interactions within group settings as they affect efficiencies in diverse business organizations. Group dynamics and intergroup dynamics are emphasized in relation to productivity and work satisfaction along with the examination of specific aspects of organizations that influence behavior on a global scale. Areas covered include structure, leadership, and change as they affect a multitude of cultures. Teaching modalities include case studies and role-playing. This is a writing intensive course.

BUSS336 - Human Resource Management

In this course, students will examine the staffing function of management including planning, recruitment, selection, training, motivation, appraisal, compensation, labor laws, and organizational development. The course also addresses current issues affecting the human resource manager, including the changing work force and need to increase productivity, as well as changes in the area of unions and affirmative action. Both class discussions and case studies are used to prepare students for the personnel and related tasks involved in a management position. Prerequisite: BUSS224

PSYC345 - Assessment of Individual Differences

This course studies a wide variety of tests and measurements used to assess intelligence, aptitude, achievement, and personality in clinical and counseling psychology, in education, and in business. Consideration of the history and theory of these tests is complemented by discussion of practical concerns related to their selection, their administration, and their interpretation in specific settings. Prerequisites: MATH 208 and PSYC 101.

BUSS205 - Business Law

This course provides a working knowledge of everyday law as it applies to both business and personal needs. The primary focus is on contract law and property law. Different sections offered are specific to majors and/or interests (Section A – General Business, Section B – Sport Management, Section C – Hospitality Management). Students can choose any section that they prefer, regardless of major.

BUSS235 - Ethics in Business

This course analyzes ethical issues that arise in a wide range of contemporary business practices, both domestically and globally. It is designed to stimulate critical thinking on ethical issues, corporate social responsibility, and professional challenges encountered in business. The course material enables students to recognize and manage ethical issues and to develop their own standards of integrity and professionalism as applied to the business world. Prerequisite: BUSS101, HEM101, HEM102, FASH101, or SMGT102

BUSS330 - Managing Change in a Global Marketplace

This course examines the unique problems associated with managing organizations, including those who compete in markets outside of the U.S., during mergers, reorganizations, and other times of significant change. Strategies to cope with change, as well as induce it across cultures, are examined

COM308 - Conflict Resolution & Negotiations

This course helps students to understand the theoretical assumptions, elements, and processes of interpersonal conflict and negotiation, to increase their ability to objectively analyze conflict situations, and to creatively and productively manage conflict. Alternative Dispute Resolution approaches to litigation for resolving conflicts such as mediation, arbitration, and negotiation are examined. Prerequisites: COM 101, LS 101 or BUSS 101; Junior or Senior standing.

PSYC202 - Psychology of Personality

This course introduces students to a variety of the most important theories of personality: i.e., Freud, Jung, Adler, Rogers, and others. Case studies are examined with the intent of making theories more practical and useful. Prerequisite: Any 200 level psychology course.

PSYC218 - Dynamics of Small Groups

This class examines the basic theory and application necessary to understand and facilitate small groups. Topics may include group types, formation, roles and stages; group process; cultural awareness; group interventions and ethics within the field of psychology and human service; therapeutic value of groups; and the family, classroom, and peers as small groups. Prerequisite: PSYC 101 or SOC 101.

PSYC220 - Social Psychology

This is an introduction to the study of social interactions from a psychological perspective. Research reviewed focuses on topics such as: social perception, group interaction, attitude formation, attitudinal change, aggression, conflict, and pro-social behavior. Prerequisite: PSYC 101.

SOC301 - Race & Ethnicity

This course examines the sociological constructs of race and ethnicity with a primary emphasis on people living in the United States. Topics include: the origins and consequences of racial/ethnic discriminations; immigration policies; movements for integration and separatism; the role of class, religion, and gender on issues of race/ethnicity; the impact of widely differing cultural heritages on our national life: and specific present day problems and trends including relationships between people of different racial and ethnic identification. Prerequisite: Any 200 level Social Science course.