Fuss Center Activities

The Center is engaged in a variety of research and teaching activities with faculty, students and community groups which explore diverse aspects of aging and intergenerational relations.


 Talk of Ages: A Web Resource for Integrating Aging Content and Intergenerational Activities into Psychology Classes with support from the APS Fund for Teaching and Public Understanding of Psychological Science

Transitions to Encore Careers: Expanding the Encore Work Continuum
In collaboration with Discovering What’s Next (DWN) with support from the Tufts Health Plan Foundation

Transition to Encore Careers: Building Pathways to New Opportunities
In collaboration with Discovering What’s Next (DWN) with support from the Tufts Health Plan Foundation

Transitioning to Encore Careers: A Community-based Program to Provide Guidance and Support for Older Adults Seeking New Work Opportunities
In collaboration with Discovering What’s Next (DWN) with support from the Tufts Health Plan Foundation

Students as Investigators: Increasing Academic Challenge through Undergraduate Research across the Curriculum in collaboration with the Office of Academic Affairs with support from the Davis Educational Foundation


Petar Petrov
Personal Models of Development: A Life Drawing Analysis
Cultural Messages of Personal Development, Subjective Age, and Age Attitudes in Birthday Cards

Jenny Swanson and Emily Cooper
Talk of Ages: Intergenerational Perspectives on Wisdom
Variations in Subjective Age and Adults’ Perceptions of Wisdom
Social Perceptions of LGBT Elders

Katelyn Gormley and Shahin Allahverdi 
Knowledge and Perceptions of HIV/AIDS across Gender, Age, and Cohort

Aaron Paniccia
Assessing the Feasibility of an Intergenerational Job Bank: Views of College Students and Local Elders


Engaging Older Adults in College Classes: Three Innovative Intergenerational Formats
Association for Gerontology in Higher Education, Arlington, VA
Mimi Reddicliffe and Richard Bath, with Joann Montepare

New Work, New Stories: A Community Program to Empower Older Adults Seeking Encore Careers
International Conference on Positive Aging, Los Angeles, CA
Doug Dickson, Carole Greenfield, Devra Simon, and Kathy Burns, with Joann Montepare

The Voice of Wisdom: Positive Perceptions of Aging Voices
Eastern Psychological Association, Boston, MA
Tracy McLaughlin-Volpe and Daniel Kempler, with Joann Montepare

The Older Voice: Positive Traits and Their Acoustic Characteristics
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, San Diego, CA
Daniel Kempler and Tracy McLaughlin-Volpe, with Joann Montepare

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