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Undergraduate Admission

Xiaomin "Betty" Song

Student profile picture

Hometown: Guangzhou, China

Major: Entertainment Media

Minors: Event Management & Photography

Why did you choose your major at Lasell? What would you like to do after graduating?
The reason why I choose Entertainment media is because I love watch TV show and I really want to make a own show but myself in the future.

What was it that brought you to Lasell, particularly in regard to your major?
It is not really because the major but that is one part of the reason why I came to Lasell too.  The main reason why I came here is because Lasell has a really nice size campus for me and I love that Lasell lets students do internships in their four year of college.

What activities are you involved in or have been involved in (clubs, activities, athletics, etc.)?
I am one of the RA in this campus, I am the senator of SGA which is Student Government Association, and also I work in Admission house.

 Favorite class you have taken at Lasell and why?
My favorite class in lasell is Chemistry with Fashion. I know that sounds like weird because I am not a fashion student. The reason why I love that class is because we were doing a lot of lab in that class. Although I am not a fashion student, I still enjoyed that class.

What do you like to do off campus or in Boston?
I love history so I always will go visit some museum.

Do you have an interesting story or great memory from Lasell that you would be willing to share?
I will go out and have a picnic with my friend when it is really nice out.