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Undergraduate Admissions

Saly Malangone

Saly El Dayaa

Office: Hamel House

Tel: 617-243-2255


Department: Undergraduate Admissions

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Please consider scheduling an Admission Interview with me, at your convenience. While interviews are not required as part of the application process, they help us get to know you - and vice versa! Or consider joining one of our 30-minute Virtual Information Sessions, which are led by an Admission Counselor like me. You can also take a Virtual, In Person, or Self-Guided Tour of campus!

I was born and raised in Lebanon until I was ten, and then grew up in what I consider my hometown, Norwood, MA. I received my bachelor's degree in psychology from UMass Boston and my master's degree in advertising from Boston University. While applying to colleges, all I could think about was studying abroad, specifically in London. I had the opportunity to do so during my sophomore year where I took advantage of every weekend trip that was offered. I've been in higher education for nine years and fully enjoy all the student interactions.

Favorite thing to discuss about Lasell or favorite thing about Lasell? I love how Lasell sincerely cares about the professional and personal growth of its students, faculty, and staff members. It's a school that works to meet its students' needs and well-being and takes pride in its community and the opportunities it can provide. 

Most frequently asked question from students about Lasell? "How available are professors, and is it easy to reach out to them?" Lasell professors are here for you, as a prospective, accepted, or enrolled student! Their attentiveness is one of the many rewards of being a part of a small community. Whether you have a quick question, need some guidance and mentorship, want to be connected with a professional in your field of study, need to meet face-to-face (or virtually), or want career advice, they will make themselves available to you. Some of them might even provide you with their cellphone number! 

Name some of your hobbies: I love to travel, read, hike new paths, go to the beach, and cook and try different foods.