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Undergraduate Admissions

Chat With a Lasell Student

Student on a cell phone

Schedule a Chat With a Current Lasell Student! 

As cool as our Undergraduate Admission Counselors are — and as skilled and experienced as our faculty and Deans are — speaking with a current Lasell student is often the best way to get your questions answered. 

Perhaps you've got questions about living on campus versus commuting; where to get the best late-night snack on campus; what's the best time to hit up the Athletic Center or the fitness centers in McClelland or Edwards Hall; how many student activities you can balance with academics; etc., etc. 

Lasell students have your answers, so why not set up a time to chat, whenever — and however — is most convenient or you? We can schedule chats via text, phone, Zoom, text, or email. 

Submit the form today and a current Lasell student will be in touch with you soon!