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Student Employment

You will find many opportunities for on-campus employment at Lasell. We offer Federal Work-Study jobs as well as positions funded by the University to provide employment for students not eligible for Federal Work-Study funds. 

  • Current Students: View all available jobs on MyLasell under On-Campus Student Employment in University Resources.

Federal College Work-Study

This program is funded through the federal government and Lasell, and the award appears on the financial aid package if a student has financial need for assistance. This funding does NOT credit the student account, so it should not be counted toward paying the bill when trying to determine what the remaining balance due is for any given semester. 

Types of Jobs

The funding is available to students to earn by working a part-time job on campus. Lasell employs over 500 students each year. Jobs range from working in the Athletic Department with a team to assisting at the dining hall or within an academic department or administrative office.

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for researching and obtaining the available jobs on campus. Lasell does not place students in Work-Study positions, and we cannot guarantee that every student who receives an offer of Federal Work-Study in their financial aid package will find a job on campus. Students can view available positions by going to MyLasell, under On-Campus Student Employment in University Resources. 

Once employed students are paid on a bi-weekly basis for the time they worked. If a student does not work on campus, he or she will not earn any money from this program. Students are not required to work on campus, but this funding will not be replaced by any other funding if declined or simply not used.