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Parents and Families

President's Welcome

Welcome to Lasell University – Your Community for Life

Dear Future Lasell Parents and Guardians,

My fervent hope is that you and your child will join the Lasell community, where we will welcome you with open arms and with the expectation that you and your child will become enthusiastic members of the Lasell family. With a daily focus on teaching and learning, we strive to develop the whole person, preparing our students to launch their careers, and to gain the skills and breadth of knowledge to succeed in an ever-changing world. This close-knit connection doesn’t end when your child graduates. I am proud to say we are a warm and caring community where we celebrate our victories and achievements and come to each other’s aid in times of need or distress.

Other parents can explain the power of community at Lasell even better than I can. For example, the father of a junior said:

“As a parent, we often ask ourselves, 'is my child ready for college'? I know that my wife and I did, until our daughter discovered Lasell University. In three short years, she found a community where she's felt safe, supported, challenged, and encouraged. Lasell has helped our daughter blossom into a mature, confident, and capable young adult ready for tomorrow's opportunities.”

And a mother and college professor whose son graduated last year and is now pursuing graduate study at Lasell:

“Lasell University has proven itself to be the ‘dream school’ for my son. Small class sizes, professors who engage with their students, great friendships that he values immensely, and opportunities to immerse oneself in so many different activities across campus, are just a few of the reasons Lasell is exceptional, and far from typical. From the moment my son walked on to campus, he felt at home. Four years flew by with no regrets … just a great deal of gratitude and appreciation for the experiences he enjoyed. Following graduation, he decided to embark on another academic journey at Lasell by pursuing his Master’s degree while continuing to live and work on campus. Without a doubt, Lasell University still feels like home!”

This morning as I walked across our beautiful campus I realized that there is something missing that would make our community even stronger: your family. We hope you decide to join us so that your child can feel the power and embrace of the Lasell community, a place that can feel like home from now until forever.


Michael B. Alexander