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Parents and Families


Parents Town Hall recap

President Michael B. Alexander and Lasell leaders discussed student life, dining, health services, and much more. Alexa Donegan ’16 G’20, Director of Parent and Community Relations, served as moderator.

President Michael Alexander

  • Energy: President Alexander shared that there is a lot of energy on campus!
  • You may know this is Michael’s 16th year and final year.
  • New President Search: There is a search underway for a new president. A search firm has been hired and the position profile should be coming out shortly
  • He reminded everyone that he is not leaving until the end of the academic year and is fully committed to our students’ success and the Lasell community.
  • Lasell village is also searching for a new president- that search is underway and we hope it will be complete early in the new year.
  • Friends, Family, Alumni weekend: Michael encouraged everyone to come out and participate in Friends, Family, Alumni weekend. It’s one of our greatest campus events and everyone is welcome

Provost Eric Turner

  • Fall semester is off to a great start. Things feel different in a positive way. You can feel the sense of energy and excitement and joy to be back on campus together.
  • Logistics and settling in: There is sometimes a bit of confusion the first few weeks for students and faculty about finding the right room and being in the right place at the right time but everybody is settling in.
  • Student Mental Health: For students who experience any anxiety or other mental health issues we have a fully staffed counseling center and they appear to be keeping up with the demand for services.
  • Progress surveys: progress surveys provide feedback to students after the first weeks of the semester. These help students, faculty, and advisors communicate about school success and call attention to any issues or challenges earlier along with providing resources. We do these early on because data shows that doing this early results in greater student success.
  • Student Resources: Reminder of the resources for your student- the faculty themselves- they are available for your students inside and outside of class, the Starfish advising system that provides kudos and warnings about academic performance, academic advising, accessibility services, academic achievement center, career readiness center.

Derek Pinto, VP of Administrative Services

  • Food Services Overview: Derek shared detail about food service most of which can be found here: Parents and Families webpage Q&A section under Dining
  • Derek showed photos of all of the stations and options and various locations around campus.

Food Facts:

  • Food is available on campus for a minimum of 8 hours a day and up to 12 hours a day on several days.
  • Lasell serves 9,500 meals a week.
  • We are sometimes subject to supply chain issues and run out of a particular food short term. There are also days where a particular dish is incredibly popular and it runs out. However, there are many options.
  • Students should feel empowered to voice concerns and make suggestions. They can email or call 617-243-2420. Students can also email or call 617-243-2163.

Dave Hennessey, Dean of Student Affairs

  • Lively campus: we have close to 1,000 students back on campus. There is a liveliness and activity that we weren’t seeing as much of last year.
  • Student clubs: This time last year we had about 24-30 clubs. We are starting this semester with 44 active clubs and have greater membership within these clubs. We have some new clubs including an investment club.
  • There are still some students who are staying in their rooms and we continue to try to draw them out and get them involved.
  • Friends, Family Alumni Weekend: Dean Hennessey reiterated the invitation to Friends, Family Alumni weekend and invites all to participate- particularly River Day.
  • There was a little glitch with getting information out to students about student programs but that has been resolved.
  • Study Abroad: Study abroad is back! We are sending our first student to Morocco and a good contingent preparing for Florence. We also have shorter term experiences if students don’t want to go for a full semester.
  • Student mental health issues: our counseling center is still busy but is able to keep up with the demand and encourage your students to take advantage of these services.

LaToya Johnson, Associate Dean of Resident Life

  • Welcome LaToya: LaToya joined the Lasell team and started in her role in July.
  • Interconnected web: her goal and that of the team to create an interconnected a web of support for students that includes residential Life, Student Activities, Academic Achievement Center, and the IC3 for example.
  • Dynamic and accessible programming: she and her team are also focused on making programs more dynamic and accessible.
  • Laundry: She has heard there are some challenges with the laundry system and addressed that. She walked through the process and encouraged that if a student is having trouble they can stop by the student affairs suite and get assistance. Instructions are also posted in the laundry areas.
  • RA Overview: there are generally 4-5 RA’s per residence. There are also area coordinators for the RA’s and each area coordinator has responsibility for about 10 RA’s. These are professional staff who live in the residences. At the start of the semester each RA hosts mandatory meetings for residents and there are is also programming by residence throughout the semester which is a chance for RA’s and students to mingle and get to know each other. If a student is not sure how to connect or hasn’t connected please have them reach out to Residence Life.

Rich Arnold, Director of Health Services

  • It’s been a really good semester so far.
  • Covid 19 update: We have been able to pull back on the number of restrictions. We are not doing surveillance testing of Covid-19 this year but are testing those that are symptomatic or a known close contact. We fully support community members who choose to wear a mask for any reason. We do have some positive cases- right now we have had 32. Compared to other local campuses we are doing really well. We do offer isolation housing to student who are not able to go home. Faculty are supportive of students who need to miss class and are making accommodations.
  • We vaccinated 182 students at the recent flu clinic and we really encourage students to get their vaccine- we anticipate a strong flu season. If your student is unsure of where to get one they can contact health services or stop by.
  • No major maladies or outbreaks of any nature.
  • No food poisoning cases: We strongly research any causes for gastrointestinal issues.
  • Mental Health: Mental health is always a primary concern and focus. The counseling center if robust and fully staffed and we strongly encourage your students to take advantage of this. It doesn’t have to be a major issue- they are here to help