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Parents and Families


parent council

Fall Parents Town Hall
Wednesday, October 4
7-8 p.m. via ZOOM

You are invited to join your fellow parents for a virtual Parents Town Hall with President Eric Turner and Lasell senior administrators. Lasell leaders will discuss the University’s response to COVID-19, campus life, dining, and other topics of interest to the community.

The event is presented by the Lasell Parents Council and the Office of Parent Engagement.

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Campus Activities Webinar Event Recap
Monday, September 11
7-8 p.m. via ZOOM

Dave Hennessey, Associate Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs

Dean Hennessey shared information about Lasell’s Counseling Center. We have 4 full-time licensed counselors and 6 interns. This is a resource for both students who may have longer term mental health challenges and also for students who may have a short term need or feeling anxious about the start of the semester. The Counseling Center is also putting together groups of students who are dealing with similar issues such as loss or addiction.
Riley Grenier, Intramurals

  • Basketball, pickleball, powder puff football, beach volleyball, and soccer are some examples of intramural options. Students do not need to be super athletic - this is meant to be fun and a chance to meet others.
  • Lasell has a brand new e-sports lodge and will run some intramural leagues and tournaments.
  • There are lots of different options for students to get involved. Riley is also open to other ideas and students are welcome to suggest them.
  • For more information, visit the website

Jesse Tauriac, Chief Diversity Officer

  • The IC3 cottage is a resource for commuter students and offers a full kitchen, snacks, quiet places to study and also places to listen to music and socialize along with copy machines etc. It is a home away from home for commuters.
  • The IC3 also hosts Jesse and his team, including Alanis Perez-Rivera, Assistant Director of Intercultural Engagement & Commuter Life, and they are available for any student who may not feel seen or heard.

Thomas Morgan, Director of Student Activities & Orientation

  • This office has a goal of ensuring that students have a smooth and positive experience.It starts with orientation and goes all the way through senior week.
  • They plan different themed weeks and other events - over 125 over the course of the year.
  • There are about 45 clubs total and your student can find out more here:
  • A couple of programs to highlight are:
    • Activities Fair happening 09/12 (tomorrow) and over 35 clubs and organizations will be present. Please encourage your student to stop by! Encourage your student to try to find 2 things - maybe something they have done before and like and one thing that is new to them so they can expand their horizons and comfort zone.
    • There are a number of student government positions and packets for students to express interest are due 09/08 at noon.
    • Arts and Crafts Activity (09/16 at 2pm, Arnow Campus Center)- students will make bracelets with inspiring message. This is a great opportunity for students to hang out in a low stakes environment and meet people.

Byrd Hughes, Director - Center for Community Based Learning (CCBL)

  • Byrd was excited to share about the ways the CCBL educates, empowers, and supports your student to engage within community.
  • The CCBL stewards the social responsibility component of the institution’s mission.
  • CCBL offers curricular and co-curricular options for students through collaborations and direct programming.
  • On the curricular side, there are several ways for students to incorporate service-learning into their educational experience at Lasell. Some faculty incorporate service-learning into their course as a requirement. Every student, has an opportunity to register for a Service-learning Linked-Credit, which is a 1-credit mini-project that they connect to an existing 3-or 4-credit course. The Service-learning Linked-Credit affords students opportunities to extend or deepen their course experiences. There are four linked-credit options: Service-learning, Social Justice Activism, Research, and Intergenerational Studies.
  • There is a special Climate Action program this year with AmeriCorps.
  • On the co-curricular side, short-term options, requiring low to no commitment, such as traditional volunteer activities. The longer-term intentionally focused options such as the student employment and Alternative break programs require students to make a commitment.
  • Employment opportunities are posted on MyLasell. Students can contact our office through email,

Jessi Orlando, Assistant Director - Career Development Center

  • The Career Development Center can help with internships, resumes, and job searches.
  • The Center works with student starting in first years all the way through senior year and beyond as alumni.
  • The Center encourages students to get involved in first year.
  • Volunteering and internships are great ways to start. While there is an internship requirement, Jesse encourages students to do more than one as it helps students to figure out what they are good at and enjoy doing.
  • Handshake is a resource for students that can help students find jobs. There are over 750,000 employers are on Handshake and it also offers events. Every Lasell student has an account and what sets Handshake apart from other recruiting tools is that employers are specifically seeking students to fill positions.

Latoya Johnson, Associate Dean of Student Affairs

  • All students have a Residential Advisor who go through two weeks of training. They are a resource to your student and if your student is having a hard time figuring out how to get involved encourage your student to talk to their RA.
  • RA’s are currently trying to get to know their residents. There is a friendly competition right now where the RA’s are trying to get to know the highest number of their residents.
  • SchoolDude is a key resource. If your student needs their bed raised or lowered, if a light is out etc. they can find the link to SchoolDude in their MyLasell page and put in a request for service. If they can’t find it they can reach out to their RA or Latoya. If it an emergency like the heat is out they should call campus police. This is all outlined on the Parents and Family web page.

Maria Adkins, Director of International Student Services and Study Abroad

  • Lasell has 60 programs in 30 countries!
  • The most popular program is in Italy at the Florence University of the Arts.
  • Second most popular program is in London
  • Students study abroad their junior year.
  • You pay Lasell tuition & housing and keep your scholarships and financial aid.  Some programs have surcharges (see website for details). 
  • Study Abroad Fair is this Thursday, 1-3 p.m. in the Arnow Campus Center.
    • 20 countries will be represented! This is a great chance to learn about opportunities to study abroad overseas – it is never to early to plan.
  • The deadline to apply for the Spring Semester is 9/27, Fall is 2/28.
  • Antigua Shoulder to Shoulder Trip is coming up and open for first-year students.
    • Service-trip where you can work with students with disabilities (cost is $1,200), apply by 10/15.
  • There are other faculty-led trips to Belfast Ireland and Paris (Men’s Fashion Week) for next year.
  • International activities on-campus as well (last year’s programs include):
    • “An Hour With” – presentations by international students on their culture
    • International Cuisine Night
    • Salsa Dancing Night
    • International film nights
    • Japanese Tea Ceremony and more!