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Undergraduate Admissions

Thamer Hassan

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Hometown: I am a Saudi Arabian guy, and I live in Malden, MA

Major: Law & Public Affairs

Minor: Political Science

Why did you choose your major at Lasell? 
I chose my major at Lasell College because Lasell is good in Law and Political Science. Also, my friend recommended it to me. After graduating, I am going to apply to the Saudi embassy in USA or in the government back home.

What activities are you involved in or have been involved in (clubs, activities, athletics, etc.)? 
I am involved with the Saudi students club at Lasell College.

Favorite class you have taken at Lasell and why?
HIST104, SOC 101, ART 126, BIO 107, and all POLS classes. Also, I find myself in political science classes because I get a lot of information about American politics and how it works, which I love.

What do you like to do off campus or in Boston?
Meet with new people and walk around Boston common.

Do you have an interesting story or great memory from Lasell that you would be willing to share?
Actually, when I got an acceptance from Lasell College I was very happy, and I cannot explain my emotion at that time.