Center for a Sustainable Society

At Lasell College, environmental sustainability means "going green" in every aspect - from our building maintenance, to our academic studies, to our involvement with the community.

Lasell College is embarking on a course of action that will lead to an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050. Lasell students, faculty and staff are dedicated to promoting a greener environment and future.   

We now have an increased number of sustainability initiatives due to our dedication in making this campus more environmentally friendly. We now have increased partnerships with on and off- campus entities to design and implement sustainability programs, reductions in campus energy and water use and greenhouse gas emissions, and increased recycling rates and conservation of natural resources.


Administrative Staff
Wayne Lamoureux
Director, Plant Operations & Sustainability
(617) 243-2291

Glen Campbell
Associate Director,Plant Operations
(617) 243-2402