Our Students


Enrollment at Lasell College has steadily climbed over the last ten years and College enrollment is at an all time high for fall 2015. Over 98% of our undergraduates attend full-time.

Geographic Origin

Undergraduate students represented 26 states and 26 countries in Fall 2016.

Graduate students represented 31 states and 19 countries in 2015 Fall.

Campus Diversity

Lasell College embraces a diverse community.

Undergraduate - Fall 2016
International Students 6.41% Black or African American 5.46%
Hispanic/Latino 9.00% American Indian or Alaska Native 0.06%
Asian 1.91% 2+ Races 2.31%
White 70.70% Race and ethnicity unknown 4.11%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 0.06%    

Graduate - Fall 2016
International Students 10.13% Black or African American 12.66%
Hispanic/Latino 2.22% American Indian or Alaska Native 0.00%
Asian 1.9% 2+ Races 0.95%
White 46.2% Race and ethnicity unknown 25.95%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 0%    

Gender Breakdown

Similar to national trends, women attend Lasell in greater numbers than men. Unlike the national trend, however, the percentage of men in our undergraduate program continues to climb.