Commission on Institutions for Higher Education

In April 2013 we received an official letter from the Commission on Institutions for Higher Education of the New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEASC), that Lasell College's accreditation had been continued. Our next comprehensive accreditation visit is scheduled for the fall of 2022. As is standard practice, we will submit a fifth-year interim report in the fall of 2017 in which we will provide the information routinely included in all interim reports, and give emphasis to the College's progress in attaining goals we have identified in our strategic planning process and in our Self-Study Report. 

As was the case with the NEASC visiting team report, the Commission's letter was overwhelmingly positive and complimentary about the progress  at Lasell over the last ten years, including the deepening development of our Connected Learning educational philosophy, our ongoing planning process, our dedication to a culture of assessment, our growth at the undergraduate and graduate levels, our shared mission and openly espoused values, our flexibility and willingness to adapt, our strong and committed faculty, staff and Board of Trustees, our focus on the quality of the student experience, and our overall progress while enhancing the financial viability of the institution.

The Commission identified five areas which they would like us to address in our interim report five years from now. They included a description of our success in:  developing a new general education or core curriculum program; continuing to implement plans to assess student learning outcomes; strengthening the degree of academic challenge; achieving our goals for retention; and achieving our goals for enrollment growth and the diversification of revenue.

As the decennial accreditation process has now come to a close,  I want to thank once again the scores of people who participated in the process, including faculty, staff, Trustees, and students. I particularly would like to thank Pam Faria, who assembled, organized and managed the hundreds of pages of materials, data and text generated by the process, and Jim Ostrow who so ably and professionally led the process from start to finish.

I think we should all be proud of how we managed the accreditation process at Lasell, and of the positive reports and outcomes the process produced.  Lasell College has never been stronger, thanks to all of the members of our Community whose daily contributions  help to make Lasell the special place it is today.

In the interests of transparency and public disclosure, the Commision's letter and the text of the College's Self-Study Report are available below.

View the Commision's Letter (pdf)
View the Self-Study Report (pdf)

Michael B. Alexander